Dr Seuss Game, Play A Fun Seuss Instrument With The Dr Seuss Band App! (Video)

Fun iPad Dr Seuss Game, Dr Seuss Band

Dr Seuss Band is a fun and imaginative Dr Seuss musical game that will capture your child's attention for hours on the iPhone and iPad. One of my favorite days of the year is March 02nd, which is Dr Seuss's birthday. I guess it's because it brings back great memories from my … [Read more...]

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Book, Perfect On iOS (Video)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Book iPhone Video Review

The classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas book has been transformed into a great iOS Books app for the iPhone and iPad! This kids' Christmas storybook has 3 reading modes, original Dr. Seuss artwork, interactive words, and a voice record option that lets you narrate this … [Read more...]

The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss Classic Kids App (Video)


The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss is a classic children's book. I grew up reading these books as hardback books, but now your kids can grow up reading them on an iPad. This Cat In The Hat application is very well developed and easy to use. The user can select whether to have … [Read more...]

Lorax Garden iPhone Game – Rebuild The Truffula Forests!


The Lorax Garden iPhone game is a simulation game that gives kids the opportunity to rebuild the Truffula Forests! Lorax Garden (by Oceanhouse Media) picks up where the classic, The Lorax, children's storybook by Dr. Seuss left off. Guided by the persistent but lovable … [Read more...]

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins – Dr. Seuss Book For iPhone and iPad


The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins - Dr. Seuss app is a modern version of the classic and humorous story originally written by Dr. Seuss in the late 1930s. This digital version really comes to life on your iPhone and iPad thanks to Oceanhouse Media, the app developer. Now, … [Read more...]

Truffula Shuffula – Dr. Seuss The Lorax Movie Game (Video)

App-Icon ~ Thruffla

The Lorax game, Truffula Shuffula – Dr. Seuss The Lorax Movie is a game that lets you escape into the fantastical world of the Lorax. This is a free matching game that features a mix of Truffula trees and other items from the movie. The Lorax movie is a story of urban growth … [Read more...]

Theres A Wocket in My Pocket! – Awesome Dr Seuss iPad App! (Video)


Growing up as a kid Dr. Seuss books like There's A Wocket In My Pocket were a staple for my reading adventures. Now you can have all those "Theres A Wocket in My Pocket" adventures on your iPad. Watch The Theres A Wocket in My Pocket! - Dr Seuss iPad … [Read more...]