This Emoji App Has 300+ New Emojis, Get Them Here (Video)


Find out how this emoji app, Emoji 2 - 300+ New Emoji 2, helps you unlock the "iPhone Emoji" keyboard, as well as the "Romaji" keyboard to provide you an additional 300+ emoticons on your iPhone. Watch the Emoji App Video Review Now! YouTube … [Read more...]

Emoji New 300+ New Emoji iPhone App


The new app, 300+ New Emoji, Emoji iPhone app helps you unlock the "Emoji" keyboard, as well as the "Romaji" keyboard to provide an additional 300+ emoticons on your iPhone. If you are not savvy to the emoji iPhone app craze then you may want to get this app. Emoticons … [Read more...]

Emoji Icons – What are Emoji and How To Install Emoji Icons


Emoji icons or emoticons have become increasingly popular since the advent of text messaging and everyone wants an emoji app. The most basic definition for Emoji is a "feelings symbol" such as a happy face, sad face, frownie face, etc. that allows users to quickly express … [Read more...]

Emoji Icons in a Flash – 4,60 Text2Smiley Free


Emoji icons are readily available thanks to iPhone apps like the 4,60 Text2Smiley Free developed (by iPhoneBestSoft). There is a lot this iPhone app does and it all revolves around texting shortcuts and emoji icons. This app has an enormous amount of functionality inside it! … [Read more...]