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TaskLog – Now You Know Where The Time Went!

Ever wonder where the time went? Mac users can effortlessly figure this out with the simple TaskLog Mac app. This Mac Productivity app keeps your time logged with a simple 2 click process. The app quietly sits in your menu bar and can be set to run on login, which I recommend, especially if you’re trying to get a grip on your time management. The app chronicles each task you start and stop with a simple digital clock interface that counts the minutes for each new task started. To start a task: click on the vacant digital clock icon in your menu bar, click on start task, title your task and a very nice digital clock appears, but returns to the background as soon as you go to work elsewhere on your Mac. Finishing a task is a simple click, which then will complete the task for you to analyze later, as well as export as a .csv file. You can also pause any current running task and that is about it — but that is all you truly need for getting some insight into where your time has gone.

mac productivity app review-TaskLogmac productivity app review-TaskLog

I began using this app several days ago and I was quite surprised to discover which activities took only a little time and which activities were huge time suckers. The great thing is that as long as you are diligent to input each new task, which takes about 2 to 5 seconds, you will be able to analyze your time very well — as long as you’re honest with your time and you label all activities with common sense titles. While TaskLog offers a real benefit, it seems a little pricey to me at $4.99 — but in the end, my time is very valuable (and so is yours), and if this Mac productivity app helps me save a few minutes or hours a week, it will more than pay for itself. Check out more Mac app reviews by Crazy Mike

TaskLog Mac App Details

Title: TaskLog
Price: $4.99
Size: 2.5 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: Fat Apps, LLC
Store: Mac App Store

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