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Temple Run 2 iOS App – Awesome Follow Up to Temple Run!

Temple Run 2 iOS app, the follow up to Temple run and Temple Run Brave is AWESOME, with more challenging terrain to navigate, zip lines, mine car game mode, and plenty of new and dangerous obstacles to avoid including an oversized monkey! It is always tough to follow up atop rated app with another equal or better app. But Imangi Studios has done an excellent job of living up to the awesome gameplay that the original Temple Run app provides.

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Temple Run 2 features similar, yet totally different terrain. Instead of running through the jungle, you’re running through a mountainous environment complete with forrest, zip lines, mine shafts (mine car game mode), hills, sharp turns, rivers, and other obstacles that make this game awesome. At first I found the gameplay to be very hard. I had to get used to the quick changes that left me running off cliffs into air, which were clearly optical illusions meant to have you run off the cliff. Hills were also tough to get used to because you can only see a limited distance. And when you’re running up a hill you have to react quickly once you get on the down slope, reacting to the next obstacle to stay alive.

Temple Run 2 iPhone App ReviewiPhone App Review for the Temple Run 2 App

New obstacles and gameplay in Temple Run 2 include fire, orange clay-tile roof protrusions, wood spiked wheel, rivers, zip lines and of course the introduction of mine car gameplay. As you are running for your life you will enter a mine shaft and jump into a mine car, and you will need to follow the correct direction using the accelerometer to stay alive and collect gold. Eventually you will hit a dead end in the mine shaft and get tossed out running again back in the regular gameplay mode. Zip lines also add a little fun to Temple Run 2, but they are not difficult to manage and are mostly there for visual interest.

Temple Run 2 is an awesome game, which is free for the iPhone and iPad.

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