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Temple Run Brave App – Disney wants to Run Too! (Video)

The new Temple Run Brave (iPhone and iPad game) is a “David and Goliath” collaboration between Imangi Studios and Disney. This team provides a new version of the insanely addictive Temple Run game to promote the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie — Brave. Disney’s marketing machine is in full gear and these days that means getting the word out through the app platform. And in their minds, a perfect app to help sell the new movie was the Temple Run title, now with the name of the movie (Brave) tacked on to the end. This is by no means a negative, it merely shows how powerful the iTunes App Store truly is.

This new version of the hit game features the Brave heroine (Merida) running for her life from Mordu, the fierce Demon Monster. The graphics are consistently familiar as is the gameplay, except for the newly added archery section. As you run for your life dodging, jumping, sliding and turning, you will come to areas where can gain extra points and achievements by shooting hay targets with your bow and arrow. This isn’t too difficult since you’re not turning corners at the same time, but still takes a bit more concentration.

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The game sucked me in completely after only a few runs. This was not unexpected since I love the original Temple Run, but for some reason this game seems smoother and the graphics are a bit more lush — maybe Pixar gave them a helping hand? Regardless, Disney made a great move by connecting themselves to this app to promote their new movie Brave and Imangi Studios gets a huge feather in their app development house for this awesome title.

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