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TENZI – Fast,Frenzied,Dice Game…Free for iPhone n iPad

TENZI (by Carma Games) is an insanely fast-paced dice-rolling game where your goal is to roll the die on the same number as quickly as possible throughout a variety of different game modes. If you have a penchant or liking for “dice rolling” games, TENZI may just be up your alley, and even if it’s not, you may still find yourself sucked in by this Free iPhone and iPad game. TENZI provides 3 dice-rolling games for Free, all stemming from the original, TENZI game. But, how do you play TENZI? Easy: tap on “Roll Dice” to get started, then your goal is to get 10 of the same die as fast as possible. You accomplish this either by tapping on the “Roll Dice button” or by shaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch until you continuously roll the dice number you settled on, not ending until you get all 10 die of that same number — and as quickly as you can.

The world record for this is currently 5.98 seconds, which is insane. There is a time delay between your brain and the tapping on the dice, and at times you will miss the correct dice and re-roll, which is a bit of a bummer, but I did this several times. I found the response of dice rolling technique to be a bit more aggressive by shaking my iPhone than when tapping on the Roll Dice button, but what really worked for me was a mix of both, shaking my iPhone furiously and at times using the Roll Dice button for a subtle light roll. This Free game also comes with SPLITZI and Targeted TENZI. SPLITZI requires you to get 5 of one dice and 5 of another dice, but you must get the first 5 before the second; sounds a bit confusing, yet it is not. Again, your challenging nemesis is the clock and breaking the world record for this game mode.

Targeted TENZI takes the guess work out of TENZI and before the game starts you are given a dice number to get all 10 die, and like the other 2 game modes — as fast as possible. There are some customizing options for the die and pips (number symbols on the die) you can do through coins earned while playing the game or by purchasing coins through in app purchase. There are 2 other game modes you can purchase for $0.99, ADDZI and Timed TENZI, you can also see how these 2 games play before purchasing.

I found this game to be frantic in the speed aspect, you have to break the world records, specifically the TENZI world record, which is an unbelievable 5.98 seconds as I already mentioned. I did make it on the world record board for Targeted TENZI, I think around #14, not bad. TENZI is a fun dice rolling game that can be played for fun during your free-time or more competitively for you dice rolling masters.

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TENZI - Carma Games

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