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TextClip Anywhere iPhone App is Huge Time Saver!

The TextClip (TextClip) Anywhere iPhone app (by Unit Kay) is a convenient app that lets you cut and paste to your iPhone clipboard super easy. This app has some cool functionality, but there is a learning curve to this iPhone app. You have to read at least the first page of the directions to get the jist of this app. First you have to enable emoji icons click the link and do this if you do not have this enabled on your iPhone. Once you do that enable both the Japanese keyboard and the emoji icons through the general settings, keyboard on your iPhone. I will only go into the basics of this app you will have to read on further in the instructions for some advanced customization of this app.

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Once you have done the above you will have the ability to copy anything to a clipboard in this app for later pasting in numerous applications. For example you can create custom Tweets for Twitter, possibly a Follow Friday Tweet that you do not want to retype each week for some awesome followers. You can also copy any URL while in Safari, Email, or other application and use this from the app to view the link inside the app or go right to it in Safari. There are custom email text you can setup and on and on. This app is not for the feint of heart, but if you read the directions you may love this app. I am digging some Twitter shortcuts for sure. TextClip Anywhere costs $0.99 and receives 3.5 out of 5 CrazyMikes Head’s for cool functionality, but a little difficult to figure out. CM

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