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Although Apple does a way better job of helping users find files on Macs than other operating systems, the native spotlight search function still has its limitations — now enters the EasyFind Mac utility application that really takes your OS searching to the next level with a variety of cool features — all for FREE. EasyFind by DEVONtechnologies has a more robust search-finding ability with more parameters such as Boolean operators, wildcards, and phrases, to name a few. Besides that, this app searches for hidden files and files within packages, but my favorite feature is the quick look. Quick look allows you to view your results, which are presented in a nice list for each search. The quick look gives you file information and options to open a file with, etc., and is really handy. EasyFind will do just that when you are searching for files on your Mac. Don’t miss this FREE Mac utility app — download it today!
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EasyFind Mac App Details

Title: EasyFind
Price: FREE
Size: 1.7 MB
Category: Utilities
Developer: DEVONtechnologies
Store: Mac App Store

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EasyFind - DEVONtechnologies, LLC

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