The Sandbox Game, A Cool Pixel Art Crafting Game, Updated for Android

Android Game The Sandbox Game Updated

The Sandbox game for Android has undergone a major update, taking this already awesome 8-bit pixel world building game to an even higher level. With more than 150 elements like water, sand, and fire, you can easily build your own dynamic world that you control. And as you create and experiment, things will begin to happen based on how you introduce the elements into your custom world. The only thing to hold you back in this pixel art crafting game is your imagination. So, how good of a creator are you?

Pixel Art World Building Game for Android

The Sandbox App Overview

If you are not familiar with The Sandbox game, it features retro 8-bit graphics from the early days of gaming. There are 150+ elements at your disposal to create a world from a blank slate. In a sense, you play God as you create and form your very own world. There are 2 main game modes: Free Mode and Campaign. Campaign mode has a great tutorial that introduces you to the basics of “how to craft” your own world. You start out using simple elements like stone, sand and water to make mud. The idea to this pixel crafting game is to complete goals in Campaign gameplay each day to unlock additional elements and earn mana. Mana is the game currency and what you earn by completing goals.

Android Crafting App The Sandbox Game

There are additional factors besides elements. For example, you can use weather conditions to manipulate and influence your world. There are also tools that you can access to aid you in your world building as well. As you play along in Campaign mode you will discover that each completed daily goal will advance your world and civilization. The Campaign mode has several free game packs and other unique game packs that can be unlocked through in app purchase.

The Free mode is just that, you can use elements that you’ve unlocked in Campaign mode to do whatever you like. There are no rules in Free mode except that an imagination is required. The Android version of The Sandbox game is very easy to learn how to play using the provided tutorials. And there are 10 different Campaigns overall to play through.

Amazing Android App The Sandbox Game

What’s New in The Sandbox Game Update

The recent update for The Sandbox game for Android introduces the new Alien Invasion Campaign game pack. Alien Invasion has 10 levels of gameplay that take you through the galaxy and introduce 7 new galactic elements. But you will quickly discover that you’re not in “Kansas” anymore when you play this game pack. There are also new sounds as well and a new app icon. Also, this pixel art game is now playable on Android tablets. And numerous other fixes have been added to this update to make the overall game experience even better.

The Sandbox game for Android is a massive game that challenges you to discover how to create your own world using fun, retro 8-bit graphics. The Sandbox app is free for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon using the links below.

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The Sandbox
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Model: v 1.5.01
Product ID: requires Android OS 2.3.3 and up,
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