The Sims 3 takes immediate market share in the iTunes App Store

I have never been a huge Sims fan, but The Sims 3 for the iPhone and iPod Touch is crazy good. Electronic Arts has delivered an extremely high quality game for the iPhone with The Sims 3. I jumped right into this gam and created a CrazyMike sim. My CrazyMike sim had a mohawk, wore a yellow jacket, blue pants, screwed up shoes, and he was manic. My CrazyMike sim had to creep out 5 sims for gain an accomplishment (freaky). This is probably one of the more introspective app games I have ever experienced. The ability to pick a personality, humanistic features, etc, makes The Sims 3 very, very deep. You can take your sim all over the place. I got a job at the Quickmart working for a boss named Bernie. I met maggie, who was hooked up with another sim (name not recalled) and I was hitting on her (creeped her out). In real life I tend to creep out my daughters while hitting on my wife, so this is not that far for me from reality. I went fishing before work and was late (Bernie didn’t punish me). I made some cash and went to the market to pick up some veggies. My sim has a lot of human needs throughout my game eating, using the restroom, watching television, taking showers, and sleeping to name a few. You have to do these regularly to make your sim satisfied. When your sim is satisfied he will learn and pick up things a lot faster. You can do some odd things with your sim like kick the garbage can over, quit your job for no reason, grope others, etc. The Sims 3 has graphics and a game engine that I have not seen in an iPhone app game. The audio is adequate and the my overall game experience was stunning. The Sims game I am waiting for is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sims”. The price for The Sims 3 is very high at $9.99, but people are paying the price for this game as it is currently #1 in the iTunes App Store. CM

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