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Mac App Review
Totemo is a fairly simple game where the goal is to free the spirits of these troubled souls caught in between death and the world beyond. This may seem like an ambitious goal for a simple game, but really it’s as easy as matching up the souls that are either horizontally or vertically on the same axis with eachother and then watching them disappear into the world beyond. But, if these souls are not freed in the correct order, you may have to start all over again because there may only be one or two combinations that work. This simple, yet intelligently complex gameplay is what makes Totemo a must-have on my dock. Besides Totemo’s stunning graphics, the sound effects are eerily soothing and the overall feel of the game is extremely relaxing and laid back. With all of that said, I am proud to give Totemo a full 5/5 rating for this genre of gaming. This would definitely be one of the first apps I would recommend to a friend looking for a casual game with a simple and intellectual gameplay.Tswmcello

mac app reviewmac app review

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Title: Totemo
Cost: $1.99
Category: Games
Store: Mac App Store

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