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TouchT – Tetrisesque with Original Block-Dropping GamePlay

TouchT (by Apino Soft) is a block-dropping game with a Tetris-esque feel that will entice you to want to play all 72 levels and then continue to play to your heart’s content in the massive Infinity game mode. I am a huge fan of the many block-dropping games on the iOS platform, all stemming from the Grandfather of these games, which is Tetris. However, the developers at Apino Soft successfully created their own block-dropping game with some rather crafty gameplay that when played in Easy mode is relaxing, but when played in Super Hard Mode is just plain impossible — well not completely.

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The gameplay features two side columns where different colored block shapes fall downward at the same time. You can speed up the block-dropping by tapping on an arrow on the bottom of each column, and in the beginning levels you will probably want to speed things up a bit. The key to the falling shapes is that they stack up and once they reach the top of the screen your game is over. Also, you can only take from the column of blocks, the top block and not any other block that has a block resting on it, which can cause you some considerable problems. But what are you doing with the blocks anyways? Your goal in the level gameplay is to create at least 3×3 blocks of the same color to make them disappear, providing you points and filling the gold bar on the bottom of the gameboard. Once the gold bar is filled, you complete the level and move on to a more difficult level. There are power-ups along the way that you can earn by completing larger blocks of the same colors like 4×4, 3×6, 4×5, and 5×5, but trust me this looks easier than it is to actually execute.

TouchT has an amazing Infinity game mode with lots of customization where you can play from Easy to Superhard and from 2 colored blocks to 5. At its hardest, you could play Superhard with 5 different colored falling blocks, which I tried and quickly failed because the blocks drop rapidly. TouchT is a great Tetris relative that provides a unique block-dropping game experience all of its own.

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TouchT iPad Game App ReviewTouchT iPad Game App Review

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