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Toxic Frog-Awesome Game, Sharp Graphics, Killer Sounds!

Toxic Frog (by Ramble Interactive) places you in the game as a frog living in a jungle pond, which can be dangerous, and your mission is to eat the right fireflies to stay alive while playing this retro-style game. This game features sharp music, killer graphics and 30 challenging levels of lily-pad-hopping gameplay. I have played and reviewed 1000’s of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps and I have not come across any that have done as great of a job as this app on melding graphics and sounds with the actual gameplay. Ramble Interactive, an indie developer house, was the recipient of our Supremo Video App Demo package that we gave to 1 indie developer for #SUMMERIOSAPPALOOZA, and I do not think a better app or developer could have been selected.

While this all sounds mushy and gushy, the proof can be viewed by watching the Toxic Frog iPad video app demo below. If you have ever played Frogger, then the gameplay in this app will be somewhat familiar to you. While in no way a ripoff of the classic “frog crossing the street” game, this game features similar movement, but updated and fresh, taking advantage of the iPad and iPhone’s tap abilities. Your goal is to stay alive and avoid Toxic Frogs, Cat Fish, Yellow Glowing Fireflies, Sinking Lily Pads, Marauding Owls, Blow Darts, and anything else that looks like it may kill your frog. You do this by rapidly tapping to move your frog from lily pad to lily pad quickly to eat fireflies that are brown, blue, or pink before they change to yellow. There is a counting-down clock to keep you on your toes, but if you move fast enough, you will typically level up way before time runs out. There are 30 levels of gameplay, which are a good challenge, and if you can beat them all you will unlock an endless game mode that never ends (duh) — and continues to get faster and harder the longer you stay alive.

I got sucked into this game and have found it to be a shiny gem nestled deep within the iTunes App Store, which I would have never heard about if it weren’t for a guy only known by the Twitter name @doomfan who helped to organize #SUMMERIOSAPPALOOZA, and helped us to weigh-in on our Supremo Video App Demo winner decision. The graphics are by no way understated, and it is apparent that the developer, Keith Otto, is actually a very talented illustrator. Equally as awesome, are the sounds, which are not overstated, muffled or by any means ordinary, they were unexpectedly some of the most crisp and perfect sounds that I’ve come across in any game. I typically never play any games with my headphones in, but I think I am going to give this one a go to get the maximum Toxic Frog experience. I want to congratulate Ramble Interactive on a job well done, and I am thankful to have them as the first winner of what is now going to be a monthly event, where we will be giving away a video app demo/social media/app SEO package to an app developer — stayed tuned for more information on how and your chance to enter.

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Toxic Frog - Ramble Interactive

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