Trine Mac Game – Console Quality Platformer With Great Story

Trine is a top quality platformer with elements of storytelling and complex puzzle solving that put it up there with other great platformers on the Mac App Store, like Braid which I reviewed before. However, this game does have its own look and feel, the graphics when turned all the way up are absolutely stunning because of the amount of detail they sport, and surprisingly they ran fairly smoothly on my late 2009 MacBook Pro. The controls are pretty standard for computer-based games using the usual W,A,D configuration in conjuction with a trackpad or mouse, although with help from softwares like GamePad Companion or the Free Xbox Controller driver you could easily use many gamepads or your Xbox 360 controller to play Trine in a more comfortable way. When playing Trine you are introduced to your three characters in the opening story telling/tutorial sequence that lays out the plot of the game for you, the first is a theif who’s main ability is to shoot a grappling hook to get out of tight spots, the second is a wizard whos main ability is to levitate and move objects, and the third is a warrior whos best ability is fighting off the skeleton/zombie hordes you will encounter during the game.

All in all, Trine for the Mac is a great platformer that outshines other games in pure performance, graphics, and storyline, and for its current sale price of $9.99 is a steal from your game library. I will give this app 4.5/5 stars because I really love the game, and how it looks on my computer, but would love to see improvements that make it run faster on slighly older computers.Tswmcello

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Trine Mac App Details

Title: Trine
Cost: $19.99
Category: Games
Developer: Frozenbyte Ltd.
Store: Mac App Store

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Trine - Frozenbyte

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