Turn Just About Anything into a QRCode with this FREE Mac App

QRCodes are small scannable images that allow for the person scanning to obtain information via scanning the QRCode, typically a website. However, the QREncoder Mac app allows users to turn more than just links into QRCodes. With this FREE Mac app, SMS messages, email, phone numbers, text, and (of course) links can all be turned into QRCodes. I tested the phone number, email, and link functionality — and in one word, “sick.” I used my Droid X 2 and the Droid QR app during my testing. The phone number QRCode when opened took me to the phone, email to email, and links to the website. I am guessing the SMS works just as good and the functionality of the QRCodes got my head spinning from an offline marketing perspective. I narrowly thought of only using QRCodes for links, but the Mac QREncoder app has broadened my mind to now placing email, phone numbers, SMS messages, and text into QRCodes. Wow, who knew! Check this FREE Mac app out and get QREncoding today! Check out more Mac app reviews by CrazyMikesapps.com. CM

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QREncoder Mac App Details

Title: QREncoder
Price: FREE
Size: .1 MB
Category: Graphics and Design
Developer: Peter Nikolow
Store: Mac App Store

QREncoder Mac App Download Link

QREncoder - Peter Nikolow

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