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Voice Memo + Appointments = Productivity on your iPhone (Video)

Voice memo is the note wave of the future with smartphones, but Siri, while good for setting appointments, can’t provide users with a voice memo in those appointments, or allow those same voice memos to be emailed to others attending those appointments. But the Voice Secretary: Personal Assistant with Voice Reminder app can. This iPhone Business app has you covered with easy-to-make voice memos that can be referenced and shared inside appointments that are made inside this application. And in addition to that, the user interface for Voice Secretary is super simple to use.

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Once opened, there is a big red record button that gets you going instantly recording a voice memo. You can also record voice memos by shaking your iPhone or by holding to your ear as if talking on your iPhone. Once your voice memo is recorded, you can further set appointment criteria: day, time, repeat, alarm, and more. Once saved, you can go to the “view all alerts” tab from the home screen to view all appointments in list form, or on the in app calendar. Settings can also be accessed from the home screen allowing for quite a bit of customization of this application; this includes selecting from 30 different sounds for alert tones. Finally, you can backup your voice memos to Dropbox or your PC/Mac. Need more than Siri in your pocket? Try Voice Secretary and see how you can become that much more productive.



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