iTunes Promo Codes, What Are They And How To Redeem Them!

iTunes promo codes are the same as iTunes Gift Cards, but there are a few differences. Basically, Apple uses the same redeem system for all iOS apps and iTunes gift cards. An iTunes gift card is 16 characters long and an app promo code is generally 12 characters long.

What is an iTunes App Promo Code

Both types are made up of numbers and letters. When you scrape the back of an iTunes gift card you are presented with the code, which most iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owners are familiar with. The iTunes gift card promo code allows you to download iTunes content up to the face value on the purchased gift card. Developers receive 50 special iTunes promo codes to giveaway, as a way to help them market their app. Each code is only valid for 1 free iOS app download. These developer promo codes work the exact same way as an iTunes gift card codes.

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Now that we are clear on what a promo code is, let’s see how to redeem it on your computer and iPhone.

How to Redeem an iTunes Promo Codes on a Computer (PC or Mac)

1) Must have iTunes downloaded on your PC or Mac (download link here).

2) Go to home screen of iTunes, the upper right, and look for “Quick Links.” Select the “Redeem” link iTunes Redeem Link. You can also find this link in the App Store both for iPhone and iPad.

3) Once the “Redeem” link is clicked, you will have to put in your iTunes profile password. Then you will be prompted to enter the promo code and your download should begin!

iTunes Promo Code And How To Use It? Video

How to Redeem an iTunes App Promo Code for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

1) Access the App Store by your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

2) Go to the Featured tab (bottom left).

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the Featured category and you will find a “Redeem” button.

4) Tap on the Redeem button, enter code and you will be prompted for your iTunes profile password as well. Your app will then download.

How To Redeem iTunes Promo Codes What Is an iTunes Promo Code

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