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Who’s Faster Racing – Car Spec Genius + Drag Racing!

Who’s Faster Racing (by intellectsoft) is an iPhone Entertainment app that has a massive auto encyclopedia including 3,400 car models and a super cool side-by-side simulated car racing feature for any 2 cars of your choosing, within this app. The age old question of testosterone: “Is my car faster than yours?” Maybe not as much today as the days gone past, but there is something about pure horsepower (HP) that gets people riled up, making them want to boast that their car is faster or fastest. Who’s Faster Racing is the perfect iPhone app to shed some technical light on this subject. This app contains a massive amount of vehicle information for cars including 3,400 models, 1,558 car series, and 16,275 car modifications — not to mention the 8,417 car images packed into this informative app. Besides all of the including car models, series, and mods, each of the vehicles in this app has a seriously deep break down of all specifications for that vehicle including dates of production, engine, chassis, performance specs, and more information.

A extra nice feature for car experts is the opportunity to edit any included vehicle specifications by entering your name, email (etc.), as well as the corrected specs for the ones that you feel are wrong. Your email is sent to the developer for analysis and it’s updated if in fact you are correct — nicely done. The very best feature, and getting back to the argument of “Who’s car is faster?” in this app, is the drag racing simulator based on car specs found within this app and applied to a very specific mathematical formula that objectively produces the outcome. Racing requires you only to add 2 or more cars to your racing queue and then select either 1/4, 1/2, or 1 mile race — then go! Once your winner is determined, you can share the results via Facebook or Twitter. Finally, now you can drag race friends safely using this app, and from the comfort of your chair. The drag racing feature may not work on all cars due to the age of a car and the inability to work that vehicle’s specifications into the mathematical racing equation, regardless, it is a very cool feature. Additionally, when in racing mode you can do a side-by-side comparison for any 2 cars. One other component to this app is that if you’re on the hunt for a new car, you mostly likely will find information about the vehicle in this app, which will allow you to see the differences that may make your mind up when deciding on what to or not to purchase.

This app is a very clean, super easy-to-use car app that I enjoyed using myself. I raced a variety of cars, but I am no car expert by any means, more of an app expert (if an expert at anything), so I don’t know what car would race better against another. However, I did find that the Porsche Carrera is a really fast car and I could not find many that could beat it in a 1/4 race, except another Porsche of course. This app not only provides a huge depth of car information, but it also includes a fun entertainment aspect that can get any party going with a little ice breaker like, “I bet my car is faster than yours.” Who has the right to the bragging rights? If you’re on the fence, as far as whether to purchase this app or not, you can test drive the free version here, Who’s Faster FREE iPhone app. Be sure to watch the Who’s Faster iPhone app demo video for a complete look at this iPhone Entertainment application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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