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WIN A CAR During Superbowl – Chevy Game Time iPhone/Android App

Superbowl XLVI is here today at 6:29 p.m. EST and you could be  1 of the 20 winners  receiving a FREE Chevy vehicle (20 total) being given away, plus thousands of other prizes using the Chevy Game Time cross platform iOS Universal and Android app. Now, lets be real;  the chances of you or me (CrazyMike),  actually winning a FREE car, probably is nil to none, but this app makes it incredibly easy to give yourself a chance — no matter how small it may be, it’s still a chance. There are more than just 20 Chevy cars being given away during the Superbowl with this application;  there are thousands of prizes from the various partners participating with Chevy in this interactive Superbowl app. Straightaway this app gives you the chance to share socially by logging into Facebook and Twitter from the opening screen. However, after the initial launch, I could not find a way to logout or login to Twitter, which I did not do in the initial opening screen, but when you participate in a trivia question or poll, you can login into both accounts this way. So how do you win? There are a variety of ways to do so:  logging into your social networks enters you, and the app itself once you register will give you your very own license plate number to watch for during Chevy commercials, and if you see your plate number on a car — booohhyaaaa, you win that vehicle. While the likelihood of winning is slim, it’s worth a shot because some of us are going win — and crazier things have happened, right?

Chevy Game Time FREE iPhone Sweepstakes Game AppChevy Game Time FREE iPhone Sweepstakes Game App

Like I said, there are thousands of other prizes to win from Chevy partners, like Papa John’s Pizza, Sirius, Bridgestone Tire, and more, simply by answering trivia questions. The more questions you answer the greater  your chance  to win something. A great feature included in this app, since I love Superbowl commercials (especially the funny ones), is the preview Superbowl commercials with a very cool player functionality, pretty much the coolest YouTube video play experience I have found in any iPhone app yet. By the way if you didn’t catch it, this app is fully functional on the Android and I am parlaying my chances of winning by registering on both, shhhsss don’t tell Chevy! Chevy Game Time also has their Twitter feed at the bottom of the app so that you can stay on top of the Tweets. But disappointingly, when tapped on, you leave the application and in my case was not able to access Twitter. But, the Chevy Game Time puts you into the action and  creates a little extra game time fun for you sweepstake lover addicts (will want to get this app); heck, I ‘m not into sweepstakes, but I will be watching for my license plate number to pop up — crossing my fingers to win. There will also be a second chance for you to win on 02/07, as they will be apparently running more commercials on this day with winning license plates to give more vehicles away. Surely no more than the 20 currently mentioned, but Kudos to Chevy for giving some cool FREE stuff away and go Giants! For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

Chevy Game Time FREE iPhone/Android App Details

Title: Chevy Game Time
Price: FREE
Size: 7.6 MB
Category: Games
Developer: General Motors Company
Store: iTunes App Store/Android Market

Chevy Game Time FREE iPhone/Android App Download Link

Chevy Game Time - General Motors Company

Chevy Game Time – Android Market

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Chevy Game Time iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
The Chevy Game Time app is here. Experience the Super Bowl in a whole new way and play along with the game — commercials and all — as we give away 20 Chevys and thousands of other prizes from our partners.

Download and be entered to win a Chevy Camaro just for registering.

•Answer live trivia about the game, commercials and more for a chance to win Chevys and thousands of other prizes.

•Four chances to win Chevys in our Super Bowl ads during the game and after. Get a unique custom plate ID and watch Chevy commercials closely — if your plate appears in any Chevy Super Bowl spot, you win the car its on.

Unlock exclusive content, participate in live polling, share with friends and access twitter feeds and stats of what’s going on during the game.

What’s new

-Performance updates
-UI tweaks
-Network performance updates

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