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Windoze Solitaire-Windows Solitaire On Your iPad (Video)

Windoze Solitare (by Headsoft) is a collection of (Windows platform) solitaire classics featuring the popular Klondike, Spider, and Freecell games, as well as nice 3D Graphics, 80+ games that you can buy, an interactive tutorial — and much more. I recall playing many hours of Freecell Solitaire on my early PCs back in the day. Now, you and I can play these favorite games and whole bunch more Solitaire games thanks to this new, FREE (iPad and iPhone) Games application. Once you play Windoze Solitare, you’ll see that it is very well designed with an extremely user-friendly interface, and lots of options. There are 3 FREE Solitaire games (Freecell, Klondike, Spider) that come with the app. Each game has a history of the game, rules, a very well done interactive tutorial, and more information — including lots of stats.

Windoze Solitare can be played in Auto, Portrait, or Landscape views; there are multiple visual and audio settings for all game modes as well. While these 3 popular games are free, there are 80+ more that you can buy through in app purchase — all for $6.99, or game packs of 10 games for only $0.99 — which is very reasonable. There are more Solitaire games in this app than you can shake a stick at, and you can play them with the ever so familiar retro Windows Sky and Lush Green Grass background that most of us have seen and played, at least once in our life, except the younger generation that has no idea what I am talking about. Windoze Solitaire also has some other notable features like the “versus” game mode, nicely done graphics, relaxing music, multiple card movement settings, unlimited undos, customizable background and card options, and fast load times that make each game enjoyable to play.

I played the 3 free games and ventured into Poker Solitaire, which I found a lot of fun to play, bordering on awesome and addictive. The Poker Solitaire game plays horizontal and vertical, where you try to get the best poker hand you can with 5 cards up and down. The interactive tutorial was super fast, easy to follow, and will have anyone needed some instruction up to speed on any of the games in just a matter of seconds. In addition, there are rules that are shown with pictures to reinforce what the card table is made of, as well as describe all the moves, and how to win. You can play this game for FREE or plunk down between $0.99 and $6.99 to get all 80+ games, which is again a fantastic value for the amount of Solitaire games you are getting. Watch the Windoze Solitaire iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPad and iPhone Games application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

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Windoze Solitaire - Headsoft

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