WinOnX – Superb Idea, Needs Some Work

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WinOnX was recently released in the Mac App Store claiming to allow the use of any Windows application on your OSX (Mac) computer by simply dragging and dropping the .exe file onto its icon. This statement was not false, so far I haven’t been able to give it any windows application that it couldn’t recognize and attempt to open. However, ANY application that requires outside software such as Flash or Java will not run correctly on WinOnX because it would require you to not only have that specific driver for Windows, but also for that plugin to communicate with the specified application. If an application that requires a plugin is opened, some sort of error message will show up telling you you need to install software and when you do so, nothing happens.

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So, as far as I can tell, you can download the required plugins, but WinOnX doesn’t know how to handle those plugins when it comes to opening the application. A perfect example would be Java and Minecraft, Java is required to run Minecraft and can be downloaded into WinOnX, but when both are downloaded into WinOnX, Minecraft still doesn’t work. With this in mind, WinOnX is a great Windows-porting software as long as the software you are trying to port doesn’t require any plugins like word or paint. All in all, I am probably going to give this app a 3.5/5 heads only because it doesn’t run windows applications that require plugins; however it does a great job with everything it does run, and has the potential to be the best of its kind — if improvements are made. Tswmcello

WinOnX Mac App Details

Title: WinOnX
Price: $4.99
Size: 83.8 MB
Category: Utilities
Developer: NES Software
Store: Mac App Store

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WinOnX - NES Software

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