Binary Game, You May Become Addicted (Video)

Binary Game 2.0 has received a makeover with a Matrix like feel (love the Matrix). New daily game mode challenges you to try to be the best each day. Binary Game is a classic in the making and this game will keep you thinking. This update now supports submitting Binary Game scores directly to FaceBook. Finally, the best part of the update is the $.99 price for a limited time only.

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The guy’s at Say Eight who developed Binary Game were thinking outside the code box when they came up with this simple yet mind numbing game. In the review for this app in the iTunes store it states, “It takes a minute to learn”.  Really, it took far less than a minute to grasp.  The instructions in the game were very good, even I figured out how to play after reading them. I started out in practice mode, but quickly graduated to the challenge mode. The user interface was sleek and basic. 


Game play was enjoyable and you can either leave the music on or turn it off if you are feeling a little stressed.  I liked the music because it changes depending on the switches you tap (hint, hint). While playing in challenge mode I made it to level eleven (not bad).  However, I received a call, which paused the game.  I thought I was going to go back to my game in progress after my phone call, but that did not happen. I actually, lost my game and all my hard earned progress (really not that horrible).  This is the only sore spot I found with this game. There is no functionality to save game progress if your game is interrupted by a phone call or you back out of a game in play. 


I am confident that Say Eight will address this in a future update.  That being said I love this game.  I am getting older and I need games that exercise my mushy brain.  Binary Game causes you to use that side of your brain that only iPhone app developers use.  An ego boosting feature this app has is the ability to send your high score out onto the web.  Yes, you can show others how good you are at Binary Game through a high score sync feature (pretty ingenious).  This game app scores a 4 star rating in the iTunes store out of 24 reviews.

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Binary Game - Say Eight

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