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Paper Toss Friends, #1 iPhone App Paper Toss Goes Social (Video)

Paper Toss Friends takes the original #1 Paper Toss iPhone game and turns it way social with Facebook, Twitter, Apple Game Center and anytime-online quick play.

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Paper Toss Friends Overview

Backflip Studios, creators of this original “time waster” iPhone game, has brilliantly created a new social version that now allows for online turn-based gameplay. The cool part is you can dial up a game anytime you want in Facebook or Apple Game Center and if you cant’ find game there, you can create an “unmatched” game that is matched with the next person looking for online Paper Toss gameplay. This game is a blast to play. You get a slot machine type selection process for your throwing item, as well as location, which allows you to select from 3 different choices of each.


There are also a large number of Paper Toss environments to select from for each round. Play in the Bosses Office, Intern, Cubicle, and other locations that allow you to make the game easy or hard. The player who wins 3 rounds first is the winner of the game. There are ads, but they are only for Backflip Studio games and they appear in between rounds and games. The only in app purchase I could find was to remove ads, but I would not buy this because the ads are not that bad.

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Paper Toss Friends iPhone App Video Review

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