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100 Balls+ – The Free, Fun Android Casual Game You Can Play Anytime!

100 Balls+ is a killer “ball dropping” casual game for Android that is fun to play anytime and anywhere! This new game tasks you with dropping balls into cups at just the right time to score points, and you’ll even earn more points with colored balls. But run out of cups or balls and it’s game over in this deceptively easy-looking game. And one other thing is for sure…1 game of 100 Balls+ is never enough!

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The first 100 Balls game came out around 2 months ago and has been a huge hit on iOS and Android app stores. This simple tap-to-play game requires good reflexes, skill, and a bit of luck to be successful.

100 Balls Plus Android App Review

100 Balls+ Overview

100 Balls+ features endless gameplay and 4 fun mini-games, with more mini-games in the works. This casual puzzler game has numerous versions, much like the Flappy Bird game, but some are better than others. The main game, 100 Balls, features just that, 100 balls and 8 cups. If you run out of either, your game is over. The 4 mini-games set this game apart from most other 100 Balls games. Those games include Leaky Ball, See Saw, Simon Says, and Pachinko.

All 100 Balls+ games use either tap gameplay or the accelerometer to move your cup under the falling balls, or to aim a ball you are dropping into a cup. This game is free and has some non-intrusive ads that pop up between games, but definitely not a deal breaker considering you are getting a high quality game for free.

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100 Balls+ Gameplay

The gameplay for this potentially iconic mobile game is quite simple. Drop the yellow-colored ping pong balls into the cups that are rotating clockwise to score points. All you have to do to drop the balls is tap the screen at just the right time to release the balls, landing them safely into the moving cups to score points. As the cups go around the level changes, which you will notice by a subtle pinging sound. Cups will also change color after so many levels. And a colored cup changes the balls you drop into it to that specific color, increasing the points for those balls.

As you continue to play, the cups move faster and your aim and timing needs to be better to land the balls into the moving cups. If you fail to get a ball into a cup, the cup will fall off the game board with a resounding glass-shattering sound effect to let you know that cup won’t be coming back. And when you run out of all 100 balls your game is over.

Android Game Video Review for 100 Balls Plus

This Game Is Fun To Play

I have been playing iOS and Android games for years and 100 Balls+ is yet another fun pick-up-and-play casual game that grabbed my attention. The game is free, works perfectly on my Nexus 7, has decent graphics, but the unique quality of this stupid-simple game is what makes it so entertaining. Yes, there are lots of different 100 Balls games out there, but this one scores an impressive 4.3 rating in the Google Play App Store by users, which is quite good.

Do yourself a favor and download the 100 Balls+ game for free and give it a try for some good simple fun the whole family can enjoy. (download link below)

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Developer: Peach Fuzz Software
Android OS, Casual Games Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.13
100 Balls+
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 05/21/2014
Fun, challenging Android casual puzzle game featuring numerous ball dropping game modes.
4 / 5 stars

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