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100 Doors of Revenge – Just Open The Door, Stupid!

The object of 100 Doors of Revenge is to “just open the door, Stupid!”

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Stupid is how you feel sometimes when you finally figure out a solution to 1 of the 100 challenging puzzles in 100 Doors of Revenge app. This latest “elevator door” puzzler now has themed elevator floors, weekly updates, and more elevator puzzle madness! To solve puzzles you will have to use your noodle and your Android device. You will shake, swipe, tap, pinch, poke and whatever else it takes to solve a puzzle. Be sure to think outside of the box when stuck on anyone floor.



There also happens to be boxes on the bottom of each puzzle screen. At times you will have to gather items on a puzzle floor, that will go into the boxes at the bottom of the screen. Then it is up to you to logically figure out how and when to use each found item to solve the puzzle. Some puzzles you will breeze right through and others will leave you with a headache.



Unfortunately, the developers do not provide any way to buy puzzle solutions, but there are cheats. The developers, Gipnetix Games have created another app called 100 Doors 2013 GUIDE that provide all puzzle solutions to the 100 Doors of Revenge game. This is good news for me since I have been log jammed at only floor 13. It’s a tough one. Spoiler alert: spell the word “KEY” in using the sliders!

100 Doors of Revenge is a more than worthy brain teaser game for even the smartest nerd, or you!


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