288 Levels of Puzzling Puck Game Play…Pucks Away!

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Air hockey is awesome, but more now that PucksAway! for the iPhone turns this arcade classic into a massive puzzle game with 288 levels of strategic air hockey puzzle gameplay. PucksAway! (by nexendk) features a big air hockey paddle and a bunch of different colored pucks that need to be placed into like colored circles, while working your way around the changing gameboard (obstacles). Only problem is, this ain’t easy. The pucks’ physics are like air hockey and they move quite fast when you need them to move slow, at least at times. While you will want to slam your paddle into the pucks, this typically is not the best strategy, because you will find your pucks landing in the wrong colored circles (deducting points). Thus, take a step back and think puzzle-solving and sometimes slow, methodical shots are better than slamming, fast shots (personally, I like the later). Your score is calculated by how fast you complete a puzzle, as well as how many times you hit pucks with the paddle. PucksAway! features a tremendous amount of puck puzzles to challenge even the best puzzle gamers. Do you have the control to land your pucks in the right places to win each level? For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

iphone app reviewsiphone app review

PucksAway! iPhone App Details

Title: PucksAway!
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 15.4 MB
Developer: nexendk
Store: iTunes App Store

PucksAway! iPhone App Download Link

PucksAway! (iPhone)
PucksAway! - nexendk

PucksAway! HD (iPad)

PucksAway! HD - nexendk

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PucksAway! iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
PucksAway! is the perfect combination between puzzle, fast reaction and airhockey.

Your goal is to insert all the coloured pucks into their corresponding pockets, using as few hits as possible, as fast as you can. Special bonuses, multiple types of pockets and obstacles make sure that quite some levels will not be as easy to finish with a perfect rating!

The action is splitted on 12 game boards, 288 levels. Online achievements and leaderboards ensure that your friends will find out how good you are!


– 12 boards

– 288 levels

– Retina Graphics

– Game Center

– Over 30 Achievements

– Open Feint Leaderboards

Think you can be a PucksAway master? Go ahead and download it for iPod Touch, and iPhone!

Stay tuned for our updates, there will be more levels, game modes, and more elements to make your gameplay experience even more interesting!

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