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2Fuse Puzzle Game – Match 2 Madness (Video)

Match 2 game 2Fuse requires a quick mind and fast fingers to succeed at this simple yet challenging timed, matching puzzle game. 2Fuse has a simplistic match 2 gameplay that is sure to drive you mad, well hopefully not. The object is to match the following: 1 with 1, 2 with 2, and stars with stars to create effects like more time, higher scores, and more game playing tiles. The catch to this match 2 game is the timed 60 seconds allotted a game, unless you buy a “Time Booster” power-up to give you a bit more time. Speaking of power-ups, there are several that can be purchased using the in game currency volts, which can be earned as well as purchased through in app purchase. One specific power-up (“Volt Booster”) can be purchased for $0.99 and this power-up triples the amount of volts you earn, thus probably the most economical in app purchase for this free game.

2Fuse is extremely fast-paced and you will find yourself quickly becoming addicted to trying to beat your last score. While you can play against yourself to beat your score there is also a global leader board, along with weekly contests that you can participate in with Facebook friends or others. 2Fuse is a masterpiece of simplistic match 2 gameplay and for free it is a no brainer.

Video: Watch The Match 2 Madness – 2Fuse Puzzle Game Video Now!

YouTube App Video Link: 2Fuse iPad App Review – CrazyMikesapps


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2Fuse iPad App Review target= iPhone App Store
2Fuse App Review target= iPad App Store

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