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30/30 – Simple Swipe ToDo FREE Time Management App

30/30 is a gesture-based Productivity app that will simplify your day and keep you on task with an ultra easy and colorful user interface. I consider this app a minimalist’s dream. All tasks or “todos” are represented by thin and colorful horizontal boxes that run the width of your iPhone, but not as wide on the iPad. Each box is stacked one over the other and contains the task name, allotted time for the designated task, and a corresponding icon.

This productivity time manager app works like this: you start your first task time countdown by tapping the universal play button located on the time dial (above the first task), which will start the countdown for that specific task. As each new task is completed, there is a pause for you to activate the next task on the list and the countdown then starts for that new task. If you prefer, you can turn off the Auto-Pause in the settings area and each task will automatically start one after the other without interruption. Additionally, each new task will cause a change in the background color to match the color of the new task. Once a task’s time is up, a subtle alarm will occur indicating the end of that task and indicates that a new task is about to begin. Once the completed task is done, it moves to the bottom of the task list and will repeat the cycle again after completing all of the listed tasks — which makes this a great app for planning out your work day or the home tasks that you want to accomplish . You can use this app to manage your time at work starting from 1 minute (a little too micro) up to 3-hour increments. Creating a task is really easy and is done by pinching out the space between any of the other tasks. And when you do, a new task will pop up with a title, color selector, time slider, and icon selection to represent your newly created task — it’s that easy.

iphone video app reviewiphone video app review

I checked this app out because I thought it could be a great way to help make my workday more efficient. As an example, my daily activities are pretty consistent: email in the morning, social media commenting, blogging, checking out apps, more social media commenting, video creation, more email, family time, check out more apps, etc. Like most people, you kind of get into a consistent rhythm of work tasks, so this app allows you to put each of your items into a timed box to keep you on track and remind you that you only have “X” amount of time to complete your current task before moving onto the next. The first time you open the app, you will have a help guide that takes you through several very short user tip screens before getting started, which can be re-accessed anytime from the settings menu. This app is all about gestures, see the list below for the gestures used to make this app work.

Swipe gestures include:
-double tap a task to edit it
-swipe a task from left or right to delete it
-you must stop the time for any task before you can edit a task
-hold on a task until it becomes large to move it up or down
-create a task with a pinch out in the task area

The term “30/30” used to remind me of a hunting rifle that my hunter friends used, but now it makes me think of this awesome FREE Productivity (time management) app that is so easy to use — even Mrs. CrazyMike can figure it out (love you, Honey). 30/30 is a great way to help you become more efficient with your time — and you’ll probably find out that you have more of it. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app review for a look at this free iPhone and iPad productivity app. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

30/30 iPhone App Details

Title: 30/30
Price: Free
Size: 1.2 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: Binary Hammer
Store: iTunes App Store

30/30 iPhone App Download Link

30/30 - Binary Hammer

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30/30 iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Simple. Attractive. Useful. …Now also “New and Noteworthy”, a “Great Free App” for iPhone, and Gizmodo’s App of the Day (June 11)!

30/30 is a timer app that helps you get stuff done!

You set up a list of tasks, and a length of time for each of them. When you start the timer, it will tell you when to move on to the next task.

That’s it!

The main screen is completely free of buttons; you use gestures instead.

The display is minimal but attractive and it still shows you everything you need to know:
– What am I supposed to be doing right now?
– How much time do I have left to do it?

30/30 is always free! Enjoy!

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