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Want the most out of your $0.99 spent on an iPad app? Then you won’t go wrong by purchasing Perfect Balance HD, by ttursas ltd. Perfect Balance HD is actually a combination of 4 games (previously released by ttursas), but now on the iPad and packing a whopping 340 levels of balancing-puzzle gameplay. An awesome twist to each level of game play is that there are actually 3 levels for each level — yes, I know a little confusing. Once a levels is successfully completed, the player can then play bonus round 1. Bonus round 1 includes numerous objects of varied shapes that you must successfully balance on your already completed tower. If you can successfully balance all of those items, then you move onto bonus round 2. Bonus round 2 is my favorite part of a level because you are destroying objects (shapes) you previously had stacked, any objects that fall completely off the screen provide points to the player. As you can see, each level has more challenges than first appears. I think some levels are quite impossible, but it is for you the player to determine. No matter how you slice it, Perfect Balance HD gives you a hell of a return on your investment (ROI) for your money spent on this iPad game. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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Perfect Balance HD iPad App Details

Title: Perfect Balance HD
Price: $0.99
Size: 45.6 MB
Category: Games
Developer: ttursas Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Perfect Balance HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Rotate and stack shapes, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle game! And then make your tower collapse. Can you master all the game’s 340 trials?

This HD version contains all four Perfect Balance games (Harmony, Inferno, Paradise and Lost Trials) and their 340 levels, though we’ve replaced some of them with better ones. We also added a new bonus mode, improved controls, remade all the graphics, and added new effects and support for OpenFeint. The game will have nicer particle effects and smoother polygons on iPad 2.

COMING IN THE NEXT UPDATE: fixes and graphical improvements, more particle effects.


appgirlreviews.com: “Highest recommendation for the first of the Perfect Balance series.” 10/10!

www.appcraver.com: “A Near Perfect Balance of Entertainment and Value.” 9/10!

fingergaming.com: “Perfect Balance: Harmony is an ideal example of an iPhone puzzle game.” 4/5!

theappera.com: “Perfect Balance is a perfect fit for the iPhone. Download the game for the insanely low price. Perfect Balance will keep you entertained for hours!”

www.frapstr.com: “I did enjoy the game, and I did stick with it enough to make it past the last level, so that’s saying something.”

iphonetech78.wordpress.com: “If you like puzzles like Topple, you will not want to miss out this game.” 4.7/5.0!

www.appsmile.com: “Perfect Balance: Harmony is… well… Perfect” 5/5!

toucharcade.com: “A Pleasant Puzzle Game.”

crazymikesapps.com: “I enjoyed playing this game and found it to be very mind challenging.”

www.iphonegamenetwork.com: “Recommended to people who enjoy puzzle and chill out games in the vein of Zen Bound. Perfect Balance is one of those worthy of your time and money.” 4/5!

www.slidetoplay.com: “You really can’t go wrong with Perfect Balance: Harmony. It offers great stimulation for those brain cells and will most definitely jog your memory about those center of gravity lectures from physics class.” 4/4 Must Have!

www.pocketgamer.co.uk: “Whether you choose Harmony or Inferno, though, one thing’s for certain: any balance you had between work and play will be severely disrupted.”

www.appletell.com: “Perfect Balance is a simple title, but it’s certainly fun.” 4/5!

What’s new

The game can now be put to background and it doesn’t crash any more. If you turn off the screen the game will turn it’s volume to zero. Fixed small graphics bugs here and there, improved some graphics and effects, and added OpenFeint achievements. The game defaults now to continuous rotation mode (check out the settings screen for other rotation modes).

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