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4 Awesome Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps (Updated)

Here is a flashback of some apps we looked at last year for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s a year later, these apps are still some great apps for sharing Valentine’s Day love, as well as having a little fun. Enjoy and happy St. Valentine’s Day from CrazyMikesapps.

iPhone App Review #1, Angry Birds Seasons

-Hogs & Kisses is the new seasonal Angry Birds levels featuring, well angry birds and pretty hogs. The hogs really aren’t that pretty, but the additional difficult game play is well worth the $0.99, unless you have already purchased Angry Birds Seasons, which I had so the update was FREE. This app features new Valentine Day specific levels, a Facebook game, and another mini-game I did not unlock. There are also the Christmas and Halloween Angry Bird game levels to play.

iphone app reviews

iPhone App Details

Title: Angry Bird Seasons
Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Rovio Mobile

Angry Birds Seasons - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

iPhone App Review #2, Love Notes by Teleflora

-The new Telaflora Flower Coach app is a fun little app that is FREE, but is more of a flower sales app featuring Teleflora products. However, the FREE portion of the app is really fun and you can share your silly Valentines Day poems, which you create via Facebook, Twitter, or through email, really silly here and it does not cost a penny.

iphone app reviews

iPhone App Details

Title: Love Notes by Teleflora
Cost: FREE
Category: Lifestyle
Developer: Teleflora LLC

Love Notes by Teleflora - Teleflora

iPhone App Review #3, Scene It? Romance

-If you have not heard of the “Scene It” board games or iPhone apps, then you’ve missed a fun genre of games. This game is all about love movie trivia, which should hook plenty of you. There are some cool game features such as multi-player through bluetooth or WiFi, as well as the regular game mode. My favorite game mode is called Lovers Quarrel, which turns this game into a pass n play game, with a secret timed buzzer that goes off, he/she who holds the iPhone when the buzzer goes off loses. I played through several questions and I’m letting you know right now that you better bring your “A” movie trivia game skills with you when you play this iPhone app.

iphone app reviews

iPhone App Details

Title: Scene It? Romance
Cost: $1.99
Category: Games
Developer: Screenlife LLC

Scene It? Romance Movies - Screenlife, LLC

iPhone App Review #4, Voice Valentines: Professional eCards with Sound

-Maybe you forgot a card, candy, chocolate, stuffed animal or some gratuitous Valentines Day gift, not to worry, this iPhone app has you covered. You can quickly make an eCard with a voice memo, text note, and/or photo with a customizable background that can be shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter. I created a love message to Mrs. Crazy Mike in under 5 minutes, yes, a lot of thought went into mine, but your love eCard does not have to be that complex.

There are many more Valentine Day iPhone apps in the iTunes App Store, but these are 4 awesome iPhone apps to use that won’t break the bank on this special day. CM

iphone app reviews

iPhone App Details

Title: Voice Valentines: Professional eCards with Sound
Cost: $1.99
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Bottle Rocket

Voice Valentines: Professional eCards with Sound - Bottle Rocket

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