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Online App 4 in a Row ONLINE Multiplayer Free iPhone Fun

The online app 4 in a Row Online (by Clever Fox) is not your average 4 in a row game, this game has 7 different ways to play in single and multiplayer, which puts this game a cut above the usual 4 in a row iPhone games. I think “Connect Four” was one of the first games I recall playing as a kid back in the days before video games ever existed ( let alone iPhone apps). This simple game of strategy (while popular back then) is still popular today, and even better as an iPhone game. The developers at Clever Fox have done even better, they have added their own unique twist to this classic four in a row game by injecting some personality and increased gameplay.

There are 2 main game modes to this online app game: Single player with 4 difficulty characters to play against like “Easy Eric” or “Medium Mary,” and Multiplayer that can be played via Bluetooth, pass and play (same device), or through Apple Game Center, which is a real-time game, not turn-by-turn gameplay. The personality part of this game is rather entertaining; the graphics are child stick figures — but obviously with a professional feel. That sounds kind of crazy, but that’s what they look like. Another personality aspect is the numerous avatars that you can choose from to represent you during gameplay. Also, there are a couple of gameboard  themes, Pirate or Zombie skin, that you can purchase through in app purchase to further jazz up your 4 in a row gameboard playing experience.


One more nice personal touch to this game  is the option to send your online opponent a note when leaving the game, either from one of the three already crafted ones, or by creating an original note that’s all  your own. My experience playing this game was that it was a fun and pleasurable experience. I found the computer opponents to be spot on in the difficulty setting that each was assigned, which provides for challenging or easy gameplay when playing alone. The only multiplayer game mode I played was online and it worked out very well. The connection for getting into a random game was fast (between 5 and 15 seconds) and the stability was rock solid, with no games dropped or interrupted.

Now, I got beat more than I care to mention — just watch the video for the proof. The online app 4 in a Row Online is FREE, which is a heck of a value, especially if you don’t mind playing with the stock game board, but if you feel you want to spice up your game experience, then for a little extra money you can.

Download Online App 4 in a Row ONLINE Multiplayer Free iPhone Fun App Now Available

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