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Dog Tricks & Bark Machine, Teach That Old Dog Some New Tricks!

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine created havoc at my house when I unleashed the “Bark Machine” part of this app on my animals.  I have 3 dogs and 1 huge cat and the bark machine had them all going crazy.  I was playing around with the meow sound effect and my cat, who does not get up during the day paid me a visit in my office. I quickly played the bark sound effect and “Izzy” (my cat) split.  I then ventured outside to see if the high frequency sound effect had any impact on my dogs. Well, to my surprise my black lab went crazy and started to bark at nothing. As you can see the Bark Machine had a hypnotic effect on me and my animals, or maybe just me.  The other apps inside of Dog Tricks and Bark Machine may not provide as much fun, but they do provide a lot of information . There two levels of dog tricks, behavior issue help, breed information (with pictures), and a cool random shake function, which provides a random dog trick.  I disagree with the iTunes promo write up for this app.  Instead of this app being 2 apps in 1, I feel Dog Tricks and Bark Machine is 3 apps in 1. This app is selling for $1.99 in the iTunes store (regularly $2.99) and has a 3.5 star rating out of only 4 reviews.  If you are a dog lover and you want an app to help train your dog, know more about its breed, and mess with its head then this is your app.  CM


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