7 Fourth of July Apps Sure To Bring Out The Patriotic American in You!

7 Fourth of July Apps to Celebrate Independance Day

As Americans, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate this 4th of July. And to help you out, we have created a list of 7 great Fourth of July apps that should rekindle the patriotic pride you feel about this country and remind you to feel blessed as you celebrate all your freedoms this Independence Day.

In our list of American-themed apps, you will find a great patriotic wallpaper app to show off retro-American inspired graphics on your iPhone. You’ll experience the sights and sounds of fireworks on your smartphone, as well as music and arcade games, with the Fireworks Arcade app.

Play a simple photo and question trivia game the whole family can enjoy to see how much you know about our unique 50 states. You’ll discover wonderful historical treasures housed in the National Archives.

Get your own handy copy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to have on your iPhone. Read and collect patriotic quotes with the Daily Patriotic Quotes app. And last but not least, there’s an iPhone Business app that makes it easy for you to find and “Support companies that employ American workers and manufacture quality products here in The United States of America.”

Almost all of these Social Networking, Games, Reference, Education, and Business apps are free.

Check out these All-American apps and it won’t be long before you’ll be waving your Red, White and Blue with American Pride this July 4th – and the rest of the year too!

7 Fourth of July Apps To Bring Out Your American Pride

Pimp Your Wallpapers Pro - America Style & Independence Day Special for iOS 7
1.) Pimp Your Wallpapers Pro – America Style & Independence Day Special for iOS 7 by Yuzhou Gao, iPhone, Social Networking, $1.99

If you’re like most people your iPhone is just another part of your body, so why not use it to display your American pride. Pimp Your Wallpapers Pro comes with original Americana-style artwork you won’t get from another mobile app.

That’s because these backgrounds and stickers were created especially for this wallpaper app. Choose from a nice variety of red, white and blue inspired backgrounds and stickers featuring shields, badges, Uncle Sam hats, flags, and more that you can be set as your iPhone’s lock screen & home screen wallpapers.

– Designed for iOS7, perfectly compatible with iPhone4/4S/5/5C/5S.
– Dedicated to designing high-quality design resources for you. Every single image is retina optimized and in high resolution.
– Beautiful HD backgrounds, stickers, creating kaleidoscopic lock screen & home screen wallpapers for you.
– Wallpapers perfectly fit for both your Lock Screen and Home Screen.
– Updated frequently to offer more themes and resources.

Fireworks Arcade Fourth of July Apps
2.) Fireworks Arcade by Big Duck Games LLC, iOS Universal, Games, $0.00

It’s just not the 4th of July without a dazzling display of fireworks to light up the sky and emit booming sounds that remind us how fortunate we are to live in “the land of the free and home of the brave.”

Now you can watch a fireworks show right on your iPhone (including realistic sounds) or create your own fireworks display, save images to your photo album, listen to your own iTunes music, and even play 3 different fireworks inspired arcade games – all in one application.

Arcade Games
– 3 completely different games with several additional variants
– Familiar and new gameplay with great firework effects
– Game Center enabled with Leaderboards support

Show Mode
– Tap or drag to create dazzling firework displays
– Dozens of colorful firework shapes and effects
– Wait to watch an automatically generated display
– Choose your own music, and save photos of your creations
– Shake for a fireworks finale

Physics Simulation
– Every firework is unique
– Fireworks are created randomly with physics applied to each particle
– Tilt to control gravity
– Dynamic, stereo sound effects

Great American Quiz, Independance Day iPhone Game
3.) Great American Quiz by Dobrinka Peeva, iOS Universal, Games, $0.00

“This land is your land, this land is my land. From California, to the New York Island,” but how well do you really know it? Find out in this simple iOS Universal Games app the whole family can play.

This multiple choice trivia game features questions and images that will test your knowledge of our nation’s famous landmarks, state locations, symbols, slogans, and more.

– Each picture shows you a famous American landmark or fact. Guess what state it is in. When you see the Statue of Liberty, the state is … NEW YORK! A picture of Alcatraz – the answer is CALIFORNIA!
– Simple and fun for everyone
– No registration needed – just download and start playing and having fun!

Today’s Document Patriotic iPhone Fourth of July Apps
4.) Today’s Document by National Archives and Records Administration, iOS Universal, Education, $0.00

If you’re an American History buff, you will love the convenience of browsing through “365 of the most fascinating documents and photos from the collections of the US National Archives” right on your iPhone or iPad.

This interactive gallery app features 1 significant historical document or photo for each day of the year to explore.

Featured documents have included popular documents like the Declaration of Independence and Emancipation Proclamation as well as lesser known (but equally fascinating) documents like the Zimmerman Telegram, President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1961 Farewell address, and a handwritten draft of President John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Address.

• Pinch to zoom and inspect individual documents and photos—each rendered as stunning high resolution images.

• Swipe a document left or right to view the previous or next day’s document.

• Use the calendar icon to select a specific date or just browse documents at random.

• Tap the info icon to read fascinating background information (including extensive links to related web sites).

• Add a document to your favorites list by tapping the star icon.

• Share documents via email, Facebook or Twitter by tapping the share icon.

Today’s Document is based on the America’s Historical Documents feature found at www.archives.gov/historical-docs/.

Fourth of July Apps
5.) Constitution for iPhone and iPod Touch by Clint Bagwell Consulting, iOS iPhone, Reference, $0.00

The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of our land, but do you know what those numerous articles and amendments really say?

Can you recite the Preamble?

Do you know your rights as an American citizen under the Bill of Rights?

Well, you will with the wealth of information that this U.S. Constitution app brings to your iPhone.

And as another bonus in this free application, you will also get additional notes on the articles and amendments, biographical information about each of the signers, and a look at the most famous painting housed in the United States Capitol, Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States, by artist Howard Chandler Christy.

Daily Patriotic Quotes Fourth of July Apps
6.) Daily Patriotic Quotes by 30 South LLC, iOS iPhone, Reference, $0.99

Start each day with a sense of anticipation. Discover 1 new patriotic quote each day and opt to add it to your growing collection of patriotic quotes in this app. With each new day you will discover an inspiring and thought provoking quote displayed on a weathered paper scroll for your viewing pleasure.

Read quotes from historical people such as Daniel Webster (American Statesman), Edward Gibbon (historian, member of Parliament, and author of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”), John F. Kennedy (U.S. President), Thomas Jefferson (American Founding Father, principal author of Declaration of Independence, third President of the U.S.), plus more.

– A collection of great quotes from many people you’ve heard of and some you haven’t
– Each day you get treated to a new educational and inspiring quote
– Share on Facebook
– Send by email
– Save and browse your favorite quotes by author.

Made In The USA! iOS 4th of July application
7.) Made In The USA! by Carl Clines, iOS iPhone, Business, $0.00

If “Made in America” is the stamp of approval you seek when buying your products, this iPhone app is for you. Now you can discover American companies all across this great nation of ours and take pride in products created in the United States of America.

Find a variety of merchandise in Product categories that range from accessories to clothing to musical instruments, toys, and much much more.

– Ability to search product categories and find quality products that are made 100% in the United States
– Using your location information, Made In The USA app allows you to find American companies in your area
– Filter/Sort vendors by distance from you or alphabetically
– Review their company profile, find deals, view their website, call them to place an order directly from your device
– See their location on a map
– Share your discoveries with your friends on Facebook.

This handy guide will grow and evolve over time and will be a handy resource to help you make educated decisions before making purchases. Whether you’re buying a piece of sporting equipment or a car, you’ll be able to locate companies in your area that are committed to supporting the American economy.

Support companies that employ American workers and manufacture quality products here in The United States of America.



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