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80 Levels of Tick-Flicking Fun with Customizable Areas!

Tick Flick (by Glitch Game Studios) is a casual physics game that will have you flicking ticks across 80 puzzling levels with the option to play in 4 unique environments that you get to choose. I am not a fan of ticks, but the ticks in this game are more like circus ticks that you shoot out of a barrel, so I’m okay with that. The game is simple: use your airborne tick to get all the stars for each level and land it into a wood crate. You’ll find that the trick to this game (where gravity at times has an impact) is having a good shooting angle and just the right power touch as you launch your fanged tick out of the barrel. You do this by putting a finger on the screen where you want your tick to go, then draw it back and forth to determine the power — and then just let go. This game is packed with game content featuring the 80 very challenging levels in 4 game packs. There are teleporters, bumpers, wood blocks, buttons, and more to negotiate in order to complete the insidious level gameplay.

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The 4 different themed areas in this game are 2 night scenes and 2 day scenes that range from creepy to jungle-like, and can be toggled on from the front screen by tapping on the “1,2,3 or 4” number before starting any game. Tick Flick is a enjoyable casual game with friendly little ticks (not the blood-sucking type) to provide you lots of tick-flicking fun. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Tick Flick iPhone App Details

Title: Tick Flick
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 35.0 MB
Developer: Glitch Game Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

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Tick Flick - Glitch Game Studios

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Tick Flick iPhone App Developers Description

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Deep in the jungle, lay ticks that you must capture. Shoot the ticks across 80 levels in 4 lands, in the dark caves, to the bright jungle areas. Across the night sky, use gravity to your advantage. Avoid the traps, hit the switches to change areas of the level, avoid spikes, falling rocks and much more. Each level is unique to the last, each level has their own strategy.
Try and grab all the stars in the level for the best rating, find all the stars to unlock a bonus world.


HD Graphics
Star Ratings
Unique Level system
Unlock able Areas
Secret Levels
Multiple Control Layouts

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