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911 Lights Live Wallpaper-Excellent 9/11/01 Memorial App

While the anniversary of 09/11/01, was yesterday, we found a very worthy free Android live wallpaper app called 911 Lights Live Wallpaper to commemorate and remember the innocent victims killed by terrorists at the World Trade Center, Shanksville, PA and the Pentagon.

Update 09-11-13: Unfortunately, this Android Wallpaper app is no longer available, however, we discovered a few other Android Wallpaper apps that are good replacements, and both are free.

Other Android Live Wallpaper Apps

USA Eagle Live Wallpaper Free

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Watch the 911 Lights Live Wallpaper app video now!

We here at CrazyMikesapps want to help others remember those who lost their lives in this tragic event and pay respect to their families left behind with this free Android live wallpaper application that features an image of the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial at night, showing beams of light reflecting high into the dark sky. The live portion of the app is a water type ripple feature that has a variety of settings, including resolution quality. This app is a great way to subtly remember all of those people who woke up that fateful day expecting routine, but for many it was anything but that.

The found the high resolution image of the memorial in the 911 Lights Live Wallpaper app to be beautiful and impactful. Although you can change the ripple speed slower or faster, I preferred the calmness of the slower speed. During the time that I used this app, I found that it did not seriously drain my Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery, but definitely more than a still image. However, it’s a worthy download.

We will never forget this tragic day in our country’s history and encourage you to show your support of this developer by downloading the 911 Lights Live Wallpaper Android application.


911 Lights Live Wallpaper Android App Download Link

The 911 Lights Live Wallpaper is not currently available.

911 Lights Live Wallpaper Android App Video Review

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