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Courage Wolf Jump, by Rocket Splash Games, is an addictive jumper game where you bounce and destroy your way through 3 worlds and 9 levels collecting coins to buy weapons and upgrade your special abilities and passive abilities along the way. Your character is a large wolf who jumps his way upwards on platforms, some of which disappear, move, and others that are occupied by an enemy. There are weapons to wield in order to “take out” your enemies, as well as special abilities like the “epic howl” — which is my personal favorite.

Courage Wolf Jump iPhone app reviewCourage Wolf Jump iPhone app review

The level gameplay culminates with boss battles, where you (the wolf) square off against the enemy boss for that world. One must have quick reflexes and be a quick thinker to complete all the levels of this game and remain in one piece. Fortunately, there are 3 lives per game to help you do this, as well as the ability to purchase extra lives through in app purchase such as a passive ability. Courage Wolf Jump is a nice indie-style jumper game with room to grow in this howling good jumper game. For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

Courage Wolf Jump iPhone App Details

Title: Courage Wolf Jump
Price: $0.99
Size: 21.9 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Rocket Splash Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Courage Wolf Jump iPhone App Download Link

Courage Wolf Jump - Rocket Splash Games

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Courage Wolf Jump iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Courage Wolf Jump, epically addictive. A new generation Jump games comes to the App Store, complete with weapons, cash, specials abilities, multiple worlds, extra lives and bosses!

Courage Wolf Jump offers:

CASH SYSTEM: Collect coins as you play to buy weapons, special abilities and passive abilities. Choose your favorites and upgrade them to the max.

WEAPONS: Start off with howl, but use your cash to buy handguns and shotguns. Take down the enemies with ease. Three different upgrades are available for each weapon. A zombie bit you? Bite it back!

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Ultra Boost, Epic Howl and Super Mode. Choose whether you want to do an ultra jump up covering tons of height, an epic howl to destroy enemies, or the super mode to become invincible and bounce higher. Each special has 3 levels to unlock!

PASSIVE ABILITIES: Longer Jump, Coin Multiplier and Extra Lives.

BOSS FIGHTS: At the end of each world there are boss fights. Beware!

Jump and kill your way through 3 worlds and 9 levels. Collect your coins and upgrade your abilities to move onwards.

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