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A-Maze-ing Mouse – Fun Mouse Maze Game – FREE !

A-Maze-ing Mouse (by Pankeka Games) has you guiding your mouse through increasingly difficult and winding mazes to find the correct paths that lead to all the missing airplane parts throughout the 5 challenging game modes. As your mouse tracks down the missing airplane parts to complete his colorful makeshift mouse airplane, you must also keep your mouse alive as long as possible by successfully helping him navigate through the rocks, mines, hole, traps, and other death-defying things standing in your mouse’s way — or it’s game over.

The 5 different game modes (Classic, Blackout, Rocks, Mines, and Triple) all provide for a good variety of difficulty gameplay. All are still based on the common theme of completing the game by finishing all levels as quickly as possible, but each has its own unique challenges: in Classic you only have to deal with avoiding mousetraps, in Mines it’s little red explosive mines, in Blackout it’s the darkness (mousetraps), in Rocks you must fill holes to prevent your mouse from falling in, and Triple contains Blackout, Mines, and Rocks all wrapped into one — quite the challenge. The mazes get more difficult as you continue to complete levels and eventually you’ll find that you will have 3 items on 1 level to retrieve, and make sure to be quick about it because your friends are trying to beat your score, which can be seen in Apple Game Center. There are also 34 Game Center achievements that can be earned.


The game has pleasant graphics and music throughout and I found it to be a fun and simple game iPhone and iPad game. This indie-style game is free, but after you play Blackout the first time it will cost you to play again (by paying) $0.99 through in app purchase. However, you can play Triple, which is free — just a bit more challenging. There is also a Kids Mode in this game that lets you replay any level without having to start a game over, and you can purchase this for $4.99, which is pretty expensive — I think the developers made a bit of a mistake in the pricing here. However, A-Maze-ing Mouse is a quirky and free indie game that puts the focus on have some A-Maze-ing Mouse game fun. If you like mazes and quick-paced games, you’ll definitely want to give this free iPhone and iPad game a try. Be sure to watch the A-Maze-ing Mouse iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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A-Maze-ing Mouse - Pankeka Games

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