A New Twist on Platform Jumping Games – Fat Jump!

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Fat Jump (by SID On) is a platform jumping game featuring a health conscious cucumber on a mission to take back his stolen fruits and vegetables during endless levels of gameplay, avoiding monsters and junk food, collecting gold coins to buy upgrades, and grabbing onto the helpful power-ups that will spring and rocket him to higher levels. Just when you thought platform jumping games could not get any better, the folks at SID On have added some great new features to this game making it not your everyday platform jumper. The funniest feature and one that provides the most humor is your green cucumber who gets fatter each time he eats junk food (i.e. cookies, cupcakes, burgers, etc.) while jumping upwards. Once he gets too fat he can’t jump to the next platform — and jump too many times on the same platform and it disappears causing your cucumber to fall to his death.

Fat Jump iPad Game App ReviewFat Jump iPad Game App Review

Now, it is not all doom and gloom because each time your cucumber eats good food like apples, pears, or fish, this causes him to lose the chub and regain some more pep allowing him to jump higher again. There are loads of power-ups like wings, hats with propellers, and rockets to help you climb high and clear the way of monsters that impede your upward travel. Fat Jump also has 3 unique worlds that are all graphically interesting and fun to play (a little Alice in Wonderlandish). This app could give Doodle Jump a run for its money. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Fat Jump iPad App Details

Title: Fat Jump
Price: $0.99
Size: 47.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: SID On
Store: iTunes App Store

Fat Jump iPad App Download Link

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Fat Jump iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Get into some vibrant ‘Jump up’ platforming action by helping our green hero get his snacks back today! Download Fat Jump and jump into some fast paced vertical arcade action, collecting coins & food, and dodging greasy obstacles in a bid to see how high you can go!

Fat Jump is a uniquely themed “platform to platform” arcade adventure in the vein of classics like Doodle Jump. Playing the game is an enormously addicting yet surprising straight forward ordeal. Using tilt controls, players are challenged with guiding their hungry hero onto one platform after another as he continues on his endless journey upwards in pursuit of the Purple Monster who stole his stash of healthy snacks. Simply put: It’s engaging mobile entertainment that might just teach younger users that it pays to eat healthy and stay active!

The gamer’s green hero jumps automatically, and its up to you to make sure he lands safely on platforms, picks up all the stray fruits, vegetables, and gold coins he comes across, and avoids fast food disasters on the way up. After all, after one too many greasy burgers our little green guy will get to fat to jump, and its game over for you!

More in depth than meets the eye, Fat Jump boasts a literally endless supply of levels, and allows players to trade in collected coins to get various upgrades that keep the game fresh in addition to giving gamers the motivation to keep jumping time and time again!

On the technical front the game features a simple well designed user interface, cartoon graphics that are sure to light up even the most jaded mobile gamer’s eyes, and responsive controls which allow you to put your energy into the game itself rather than on mastering convoluted gameplay mechanics.

Fat Jump is a deliciously simple good time that will have players young and old alike cheering for fruits, veggies, and all things healthy all while gaming to their hearts’ content!


●Fantastic graphics
●Fun sounds
●Endless supply of levels to conquer
●Numerous achievements to unlock
●Plenty of power-ups
●An in-game store with upgrades and accessories
●Full integration with Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter
●Online and Offline scoreboards
●Full iPad compatibility

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgMI1r2jJOk

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