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If the typical ABC app doesn’t get your kids excited about learning the alphabet, then they’re in for a real treat with the Talking ABC app by Jutiful. This iOS Universal Education app beckons kids of all ages to come along on an lively ABC learning adventure with 26 animated clay characters who introduce letters, sounds, words and more throughout 2 learning modes and 4 dynamic education games.

ABC App Talking ABC for Kids

The Talking ABC app has 2 main learning modes that focus on the letter name and letter sound for all 26 letters of the English alphabet. This Education app was created for kids 2-7 years olds and introduces each letter of the alphabet in a variety of entertaining ways. Your kids will get to explore and know the whole alphabet by learning letters by sight, letter name, letter sound, represented animal, animal name and animal word.

And to get everybody excited about this alphabet learning experience, this ABC app greets you with energetic jungle sounds and upbeat music upon opening this iOS application. Once opened this app leads kids to 3 fun learning areas to explore: Play, AutoPlay and Games. Each of the 3 learning areas in the Talking ABC app provides an impactful learning experience and features many familiar animal favorites, but you’ll also find some unique ones added to the mix too, such as the iguana, unicorn, yeti, vicuna, and xiphias. But even if you don’t what all these animals are, you’ll be captivated by these unique and silly clay animations that are ready to transform themselves in an instant from letters to adorable animated animals with just a touch of a finger.

Talking ABC App

In the Play and AutoPlay areas kids will find a colorful split screen containing a giant clay letter on one side and all 26 stacked alphabet tiles on the other side in abc order. Kids can scroll through the letters on the left side of the split screen and hear and see the corresponding letters flip in the abc letter boxes on the other side of the screen. And depending upon which mode your child is in (Sound or Letter), a tap on the clay letter will allow him or her to hear its letter name or sound. But, the really fun part is seeing a letter turn itself into a silly clay animal, such as the letter A that transforms into a cool “claymation” alligator.

And tap on the animal again, and it transforms itself back into its original letter. These clay animated animals are a bit on the silly side with funny sounds and animations like the lollipop-licking jaguar and mooing cow. And another entertaining aspect is that these animals will repeat back what you say, if you’ve allowed the app to access your microphone and have the “Talking” feature on. While also in the Play and AutoPlay learning modes, there is the option to play, listen and sing along with a catchy alphabet song introducing all 26 animals.

In addition to the 2 learning modes, this highly entertaining ABC app comes with 4 game activities to engage kids: Letters, Animals, Funny Words, and Puzzle. The Letter and Animal games are guessing games that ask kids to find the the spoken letter, letter sound or animal from the cards seen on the screen. The Funny Words game lets kids type any word on the keyboard and see the individual clay letters pop up on the screen and then tap on any one of them to turn them into their silly letter animal. And the Puzzle game has 9 tap-to-rotate animal puzzles to complete, with 2 difficulty levels.

As you can see, there’s plenty of fun learning in this ABC app by Jutiful. Talking ABC provides an energetic, fun and totally “out-of-the-box” alphabet learning experience that will get your kids excited about learning and their ABCs.

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