ABC Aquarium – Explore A Wonderful Underwater World in 2 Languages

Dive into an amazing underwater world and explore all kinds of aquatic life in the ABC Aquarium app by Peapod Labs. This iOS Universal Education app gives kids a fun and interesting way to learn their ABCs and more.

ABC Aquarium Kids App

Kids will get an up close look at under water creatures starting with every letter of the alphabet. They’ll see and hear a real alligator, view breathtaking jellyfish and many other bizarre creatures in this educational Reference app. ABC Aquarium features quality photos, playful graphics and music, videos, fun facts, interactive scenes, and an opportunity to learn letters and words in English and Spanish. To find out more about this iPhone and iPad app, read the ABC Aquarium App Features below.

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ABC Aquarium App Features

Award-winning ABC Series teaches children about the world around them in English and Spanish through sight, sound & touch.


  • Exposure To The Amazing Aquatic World — Tons of pictures, sounds, narrated fun facts, videos & interactive games
  • Extends Vocabulary — 50+ words related to our marine friends.
  • Dual Language Mode — Use it in English only, Spanish only, or in Dual Mode
  • Multi-user Support — Let each kid enjoy the content at their own pace
  • Links Letters To Words — navigate through the words by tapping letters
  • “Read To Me” Fun Facts — let the little ones enjoy the fun facts on their own
  • Capitalization — expose your child to capital letters
  • Carefully Curated Content — every video has been screened by parents


  • An Amazing Adventure — everything from alligator to zebrafish
  • Interactive Scenes — 50+ touch activities
  • Fun Videos — 100+ videos that let them see and hear aquarium related concepts


ABC Aquarium needs an internet connection to play videos. A wi-fi connection is recommended. Some videos may be removed from youTube but we try to replace them regularly.

iPhone Education App, ABC Aquarium

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