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Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer for iPhone/iPad!

As a business owner in a technology environment, I cannot read and consume all the data, material, or books as fast as I would like. It’s always the same, books are bought with good intention but the daily grind gets in the way. Not anymore, well sort of!

Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer (by BananaBox) is an iPhone and iPad Productivity app that provides a personalized speed reading and comprehension program to improve your reading skills, as well as save you time. This Productivity app is designed to help you break poor reading habits by teaching you through a variety of methods that typically increase a user’s reading by hundreds of words per minute.

iPad App Review for the Accelerated Speed Reader Trainer App

I started off my experience with a test of my reading and comprehension by reading one of the numerous books that came with this app for training purposes. My “word per minute” score came to 212 WPM, which I thought was pretty good, but is actually a little above normal for the average person. I then started my guided course, which took me through a series of 5, 2 minute activities using various tools to help me unlearn bad habits like repeating a word in my head, or re-reading what I just read. Now, I cannot say I am speed reading yet, but there are 10 lessons that they suggest you take over a 10 day period to let your mind get used to the new reading techniques, but I guess you could take multiple sessions in one day.

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I would suggest that you focus only on the training when you do so to be able to learn the techniques at hand with as little interference as possible, as they will be very challenging at first. While this app is free, there are a couple of in app purchases that allow for more reading tests, ePub book upload for DRM free books, and the use of all features on multiple devices, i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. We purchased the full package for $9.99 which gave us a load of tests, more speed reading training tools, ePub book upload, and we can use this on the iPad and iPhone. While the iPhone is handy, the user interface on the iPad is very nicely done. The iPhone user interface is also very well done and for an app of this type you don’t feel lost or stuck on what to do next, very good job on the developer’s part.

Accelerated Speed Reader Trainer iPhone App Review

Mrs. CrazyMike and I wanted the full version to train ourselves to read faster so we can be more productive. I can tell you that it will probably take me a few courses to break my bad habits, but the payoff is too sweet to pass up. The challenge for me is to try and keep up with apps, devices, technology, the web, social media, and etc. that I need to read constantly and with increased reading skills I would be much more productive. I will let you know in the future how I fared, but based on the data in this app and the technique I have begun to go through I have found this app to be very easy to start on my quest to become a faster reader, while comprehending what it is that I am actually reading. If you’ve used this app or are trying it out, let us know about your progress.

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Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer iPhone App Details

Title: Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer
Price: Free
Category: Productivity
Size: 23.8 MB
Developer: BananaBox Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer iPhone Developers App Description

iOS Universal

Featured as an iTunes Staff Favorite in Education & What’s Hot in Productivity!
Maximize your reading speed! Acceleread is the most effective speed reading course for the iPhone and iPad. Learn advanced reading techniques to boost your productivity and save time. Most people read at ⅓ their potential speed, plodding through text and wasting tremendous amounts of time. For most people, reading education effectively ended in 6th grade, leaving them ill-equipped for the demands of modern life. These elementary reading techniques cripple productivity and are a deep source of frustration.

Acceleread will train you to become a faster, more effective reader. Acceleread’s Guided Course is uniquely generated based on your current reading level and desired performance goals. This personalized program is precisely calibrated to dramatically increase your reading speed in as little as 10 days!

You can also train at your own pace with our suite of powerful tools in the Acceleread Training Center. Acceleread lets you track your progress, share results and keep your new skills sharp.

★ Learn the advanced techniques you were never taught to turbocharge your reading effectiveness
★ Unlearn old habits that are holding you back
★ Learn to absorb more words at once
★ Understand passages faster and more accurately
★ Reduce frustration and increase your reading efficiency
★ Expand your capacity to rapidly refocus
★ Curb unintentional mind-wandering and eliminate skip-back
★ Dynamically adjust your reading speed to match the material
★ Increase your retention and recall to remember more of what you read

Develop the techniques you were never taught to unlock your reading potential and blaze through text!

With the right tools, anyone can reach their reading potential regardless of their starting point. For the first time, this can be accomplished without the hassle of expensive and long weekend seminars, cumbersome manuals or outdated software programs! Effective reading is critical for success in today’s professional, academic and personal environments. Acceleread is a fun, accessible and engaging way to boost your reading abilities!

Acceleread is designed to help YOU succeed and is YOUR app. You can contact Team Acceleread at anytime with questions, suggestions, feature requests or just to say hi! Together we can catapult you to your full reading potential!

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  1. Scott,

    yes, I have had this on my iPhone for sometime now and I just crushed with work that I have not taken the time to try to increase my reading speed.

    I will eventually get to this and update this post with my experience.

    thank you for your comment and experience using this app.