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Action Movie FX Gets Star Trek FX Update (Video)

“Beam me up, Scotty” with the newly updated Action Movie FX app! This movie FX app has 5 new Star Trek themed Action Movie special effects including Phaser Fight, Enterprise Flyby, Photon Torpedoes, and more.

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Action Movie FX has a load of cool short video FX to make your own awesome videos using your iPhone and iPad. This iPhone Entertainment app started out with only a few Action Movie FX and now features 32 of them. The movie FX range from Missile Attack video FX to Demolition FX, with a wide variety of clips that allow for easy-to-make videos. The latest update has added 5 Star Trek themed Action Movie FX. They include: Phaser Fight, Enterprise Flyby, Photon Torpedos (free to unlock), Warp and Transporter. All of the Star Trek video FX are free, except for the Transporter and Warp FX.

Action Movie Fx star trek update


If you’re not familiar with Action Movie FX, don’t worry, this app is easy to use. Simply select the movie FX you want to make a video for, tap start, hold the target indicator on the spot you want the movie FX on and record for at least 5 seconds. There is a minor editing feature for start time and end time, and you can record longer than 5 seconds. However, your videos will turn out better if they are in the 5 to 7 second range, especially for sharing. You can easily share your own created Action Movie FX through Facebook or email. And, of course, all your videos can be saved to your camera roll for sharing on other social networks.

Action Fx Movie star trek update


Action Movie FX is an awesome app to create some funny Star Trek Themed videos, and they can be easily shared.


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