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-As far as runner free iPhone apps go “Rogue Runner” by Glow Dot Productions is one of my favorite. Initially I poo pooed this app due to the app icon (yes I am that human). However, once I opened and gave the game a chance I found it to be excitingly challenging. Some may consider this game too hard, but that is the challenging part of a good runner game. The thing that hooked me the most is the variety of vehicles and locations the user can select from while playing this free iphone app. There are also 2 completely different games in one app. The runner portion of the game would be enough, but Glow Dot Productions adds a top down driving runner of sorts that is more difficult than the main game. Another game in this app that is initially locked is the endless chase mode, where the user is chased by the bad guys instead of running towards them. “Rogue Runner” as a free iPhone app is an awesome deal, I highly suggest you download this app today if you are looking for a very nice iPhone game. CM

free iphone app reviewfree iphone app review

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Title: Rogue Runner
Cost: FREE
Category: Games
Developer: Glow Dot Productions
Store: iTunes App Store

Rogue Runner - Glowdot Productions, Inc.

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