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Beautiful Advent Calendar App For Nostalgic Christmas Countdown

With a tap on the snow globe in this beautiful Advent Calendar app, you’ll be peering into a quaint and wintery wonderland scene reminiscent of Currier and Ives lithographs, Norman Rockwell paintings, and Christmases past. Thanks to modern technology and the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar – Village 2013 app, you’ll get to experience a charming and nostalgic Christmas countdown using your iPad. This free Christmas app will bring out the little child in you as you curiously gaze about this captivating, miniature world in excited anticipation of what is to come in the 25 days leading up to Christmas.

Advent Calendar App

As the magical village comes to life and fills with Christmas festivities over the 25 day period, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all that you see in this Advent Calendar app. But, you’ll definitely have to be patient because there’s no way to open these animated gifts ahead of time and spoil the fun. When you open this Jacquie Lawson app for the first time, you’ll see a little town nestled in its surroundings and blanketed by snow everywhere. Sparse snowflakes of various sizes gently fall from the sky in front of the intricate village scene. The soft glow of a few lights shine from the lamp posts and buildings, hinting of the town’s inhabitants. And in the market square stands a perfectly formed evergreen tree waiting to be adorned. This is the point where you’ll start your Christmas countdown: on Day 1.

Another nice feature is the old fashioned turn-page calendar that displays the current date. This calendar app also allows you to go back and forth to previous days and animations. In this Christmas Advent app, you’ll discover that there is a corresponding Christmas ornament for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. These colored bulbs are sprinkled about the village setting and represent the Christmas countdown. You’ll see 3 different colored bulbs, which represent different meanings: the red bulb indicates the current date, green bulbs for days past, and gold bulbs for the upcoming days and animated scenes. A tap on your iPad screen will make all the Christmas tree bulbs visible, and if you’re patient for a few seconds you can enjoy the beauty of the village scene without the distraction of the decorative ornaments.

Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar App

Hidden behind each of these pretty bulbs is a charming, fun and captivating animated scene that comes with quality 2D graphics and accompanying Christmas carolers and Christmas music. Each day presents an original and unique surprise animation, along with 1 of 25 unique musical arrangements designed specifically for that scene. Another nice feature to appreciate in this Advent Calendar app is that the developer listed the music from each animated scene for you; these can be found in the Menu area.

As charming and amazing as all these animated scenes and music are on their own, it’s the subtle layering of each animated scene, day by day, into the village background scene that makes this Advent Calendar truly special. This integration is what makes this nostalgic Advent Calendar app so magical and captivating. Day 1’s animation left you with a pretty Christmas tree in the center of town. Day 2 draws you into a festive window display with a band of merry elves playing jazzy tunes on their instruments. And then day by day you’ll see ice skaters, horse drawn carriages, carolers and many other details that add more charm and change the village setting bit by bit. To enhance the impact of the overall theatrical experience, turn the lights off. My kids and I did this and it really makes these nostalgic scenes and music come alive. And for some additional fun, see if you and your family can spot all the subtle changes. It’s sort of like a fun look and find game.

iPad Christmas Advent Calendar App

The only slight downside to this iOS application is that the heavy animations can be a bit taxing on your iPad. And the developer states, “unless you have a large data allowance for your iPad, do make sure you have a WiFi connection when you access the Advent Calendar!” Also, because each day’s animated scene needs to be downloaded, you’ll notice there’s a definite lag time between downloading the scene and viewing it, but it’s worth the extra time.

So, if you’re yearning for an old fashioned Christmas experience this year, download the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar – Village 2013 app for a nostalgic Christmas countdown that will warm your heart and have you dreaming of Christmases past.

Christmas Advent Calendar App

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