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After Burner Climax Arcade Shooter – iPad Game (Video)

After Burner Climax originally an arcade game plays great on the iPad. This “fighter combat” game takes you through 20 different environments each with different enemy types.

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Game modes include Arcade, Score Attack, and Training. If you cannot figure out the controls, specifically the barrel roll you can find out how to do this in the Help under settings. Each level is very intense with continuous waves of enemy fighter planes coming at you as well as their missiles. Pay attention to scoring combos because this is the best way to rack up the points. At the end of each mission or level your graded on percentage of enemies killed, which can be a little humbling at times. After Burner sells for $2.99 is iOS Universal and is well worth the money.



Overall: After Burner Climax is an awesome iPad game that brings back a lot of great arcade memories!




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