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Air Wings™ – Juvenile Kid Fun..A Must Play Game!

Air Wings™ (by Pangea) is classic classroom antics coming to life in the form of a paper airplane dogfighting game featuring 5 different planes, 6 different battle scene backgrounds, and lots of juvenile weaponry. Remember the days of spitwads, pencil fights, and trying to make the coolest paper airplanes on the planet? Yes, simpler times that have since passed by for most of us. Fortunately, for us old-timers and youngsters alike, Pangea Software has created a great iPhone and iPad game called Air Wings™ that lets you experience paper airplane dogfights with friends or anyone via the online game match through Apple Game Center. The 3D battle environments for this game (6 total) are really, really cool and have a variety of items that you can crash into, as well as pick up (ammo and power-ups). The basic objective of this game is to glide around the battle scene, collect ammo, and shoot down your opponent.

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During my testing, I found the game matching to be almost immediate and the gameplay did not have any lag nor drops. There were a few people who left games causing me to exit and have to find another game, but that is to be expected. The ammo selection is choice, with some of the items being: spitwads, heat-seeking pencils, rubberbands, darts and more. One annoying feature to me that some people may love is the voice chat. The majority of the time that I had this on, I was getting everything but an understandable voice, but you can turn this off with a simple tap on the microphone. Before getting into action, you can go to the sandbox and try to hone your skills with other newbies, also online. There are a variety of planes that you can purchase through in app purchase and backgrounds you can purchase as well to increase your battle readiness. Air Wings™ is a for sure download since it is both FREE and really fun — even if it may be juvenile. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Air Wings™ iPhone App Details

Title: Air Wings™
Price: Free
Size: 26.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Pangea Software, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Air Wings™ iPhone App Download Link

Air Wings™ - Pangea Software, Inc.

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Air Wings™ iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

• Online Multiplayer Battles with Voice Chat!
• AirPlay compatible!
• Game Center leaderboards.
• Universal Binary for all iPods, iPhones, and iPads running iOS 5 or later.

Air Wings is a flying battle game where you pilot a paper airplane and shoot your network opponents using crazy weaponry such as the spit wads, rubber bands, heat seeking pencils, firecracker bombs, and suction cups.

The game is incredibly fun as you fly around trying to gather as much weaponry as possibly while avoiding your opponents! There are 5 different airplanes to choose from including a totally cool balsa airplane with a rubberband powered propeller, and there are 6 different Multiplayer Battle levels plus a single-player Training level.

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