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AirAttack For Mac – A Steal At Only $0.99 Video Review

WWII flying bottom-up shooter games hit a sweet spot for me and AirAttack for Mac, by Art In Games delivers the goods in this beautifully-playing shooter game. This game features stunning detailed graphics, 3 planes to choose from, and 10 large missions where you battle as a WWII fighter ace all for less than $1 on your Mac. Believe it or not, I don’t play a lot of games on my MacBook Pro due to all my mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Nexus, and Kindle Fire; however, I will be working more Mac apps into the mix and what better way to start than with this app. AirAttack features 10 large missions with a decent boss battle at the end. The gameplay is the same as you see on the iPhone, iPad, and Android with incoming enemies in groups of 4 to 6 that you take out for stars, power-ups, and coins. There are also ground enemies, buildings to blow up using your bombs and the larger enemies thrown into the mix there is a lot to do. I can honestly say that of all the devices that I’ve played this genre of game on, the MacBook Pro reigned supreme. I have a late 2011 13″ Mac, so the graphics are good but nothing like they will be on my new 15″ Retina Display that is on the way (more to come on this).

AirAttack gives you large missions, awesome environments to destroy, and/or be destroyed in, 64 different enemies and some special weapons to help your efforts. I personally love, love, love the “time warp” power-up. This power-up slows down your enemy, but allows you to operate at your regular speed, which gives you a bit of a leg up on your enemy — be sure to take full advantage of this. The other power-ups will also help, especially as you get farther in the game. There are 2 control methods: keyboard or mouse, the mouse was very easy to use and my Apple Magic Mouse worked exceptionally well. Right click to change weapon/activate special options and left click to drop the bombs, which regenerate and have an indefinite supply. AirAttack is a #1 Mac App Store game because the developer is generously giving this game away at only $0.99. This game came out in 12/11 and has been the same price ever since. If you want a great flying shooter game at an extremely reasonable price compared to most Mac Game Apps, grab this before the developer comes to his senses and raises the price.

AirAttack for Mac App Details

Title: AirAttack
Price: $0.99
Size: 62.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Art In Games
Store: Mac App Store

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