Airlike App – Fast And Easy Way to Share Photos, Contacts And More

Face-to-face communication just got better with the Airlike Social Networking app. Displair, the developer of this revolutionary Airlike Social Networking app, has created an amazingly fast and easy way to share your photos, videos and contact information with others.

Airlike, How to Share iPhone Content App

This revolutionary sharing process is as quick and easy as downloading the Airlike app onto your iPhone device, creating a user profile and connecting with other Airlike users. Thanks to the the Airlike app, mutual content sharing will happen in an instant. With the help of this iPhone application and a simple point-and-swipe gesture in close proximity, your chosen photos, videos and contacts will instantly appear on your selected Airlike user’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

So the next time you see your family, friends, business colleagues, and others, use the Airlike: the easiest and fastest way to share application to personalize your encounter. Now you can quickly share that group photo from the last family reunion, your baby’s first step video or that important contact lead all in a matter of seconds.

Airlike Media Sharing iPhone App

If you want to get connected and experience a revolutionary way to share with others, download the free Airlike Social Networking app now using the iTunes App Store link below.

AirLike App Features

Discover The Fastest and Easiest Way to Share User Content!
– Cutting-edge mobile application that makes transferring content from your phone easy and fast, almost like sharing air
– Conveniently send and receive contacts, photos, or videos to and from your friends
– Share and transfer user content with a simple point-and-shoot of your smartphones
– Airlike creates a personalized account for each of its users, allowing you to carefully choose what you would like to share
– Share without the hassle of wires or the long wait for files to download

Download The Airlike App Now

AirLike Content Sharing iPhone App



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