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Wake Up Pro Alarm Clock App Jump Starts Your Brain!

The Wake Up Pro Alarm clock app is a highly-customizable, stylish, and uniquely designed alarm clock app to wake you up like never before.



Most people have a love/hate relationship with their alarm clock, and for obvious reasons. Personally, I dread my alarm clock going off each morning. And to top it off, I’m a big time snoozer, which really irritates Mrs. CrazyMike. Largely due to my numerous snooze periods that follow the morning buzzer before I finally drag my butt out of bed.

But getting back to this iPhone alarm clock app! Wake Up Pro Alarm is definitely an interesting alarm clock with a really unique wake feature that can be set in 1 of 2 ways to help you rise and shine. The Wake Up Pro alarm forces you to answer a question after the alarm goes off. Yes, you have to answer a question to turn off the alarm.  This may sound stupid, but it isn’t. It’s scientific. There is a method behind the “question madness” which apparently makes you think, causing you to use your problem solving skills, and thus forcing you to wake up quicker.



The Wake Up Pro Alarm can be set in either Easy or Hard questions, and from my experience, all the questions were basic math. One little tip: if you set the question to Hard, make sure you have a pencil and some scrap paper to help solve the question because you’ll need it. The second part of this alarm clock app works as a normal alarm, complete with a snooze setting (up to 30 minutes).

This app was extremely easy to setup for both alarm modes, has many cool modern color and texture customization options, as well as a very nicely-designed digital alarm display. There a variety of stock sound settings, but you can also add any of your own iPod music to a playlist in the app. The clock can be viewed in both 12 hour and 24 hour time settings.

One very important tip! Be sure the Wake Up Pro Alarm is running in the foreground before using in order to take advantage of the Wake Up Pro setting, which is displayed to you in a pop up message when going off.

Wake Up Pro Alarm is a great, inventive alarm clock app with an out-of-the-box method to get you out of bed in the morning.

Update: 11/05/13 – Wake Up Pro Alarm regularly costs $0.99, but it’s a now a free app for a limited time.

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