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Dead Space, Alien Smackdown iPhone Shooter Game (Video)

The excellent third person shooter game Dead Space becomes an iPhone app, which does not disappoint. The iPhone app is a new storyline that is an in between storyline for the original console/PC game and the new Dead Space 2, which released the same day as the iOS app (01/25/11).

I have never played Dead Space on the console or PC because the only games I play are on an iPhone, iPad, or Android. The Dead Space game for the iPhone is fantastic, edgy, and fresh. The game revolves around an initial mission that appears to be good, but turns bad and the end result are pissed off half human aliens or “necromorphs” that try to clip you in half. The graphics are stellar, the storyline is deep, and your are going to have to do more than just shoot in this game.

Good luck and enjoy!

Dead Space iPhone App Details

Title: Dead Space
Cost: $6.99
Category: Games
Developer: Electronic Arts
Store: iTunes App Store

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Dead Space App Video Review Video App Review For Dead Space
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